24 Cute and Funny Pics of Animals Falling Asleep. You’ll Never Unsee # 12

This is the second time I’ve written about cute and adorable things. First, the Quokka post then this. And I promise you this won’t be the last!

So let’s take a break from all the heavy work related stuff and check out these awesome cuties fall asleep. Fair warning though, I might not be able to distinguish between a pug and a pitbull or a rabbit and a bunny (I mean are they really not the same?).

#1 So tired that I’ll accept this human pillow!

Well, to avoid some embarrassment, I researched my confusion. This one is a pug, a sleepy one at that.

dog5photo: dailydawdle

#2 Sleepy rabbit has a mini heart attack.

A little step back and it would have avoided that gut wrenching (but adorable) experience of being jolted during sleep.


photo: compilariz

#3 And I can’t fight this feeling anymore..

Okay, bear with me, this can get cheesy at times but this dog succumbed to something that will render you powerless. He succumbed to sleep, snout first.

dog4photo: gifsoup

#4 Floating and Snuggly Porcupine anyone?

Ok, it’s actually a hedgehog. If I’m wrong again, kill me now.

hedgehogphoto: 4GIFS

#5 To sleep or not to sleep?

dog4photo: giphy

#6 This lady and stealth.

OR was she just hiding from something?

cat7photo: wildography

#7 Sleeping while Drinking

The outcome? A mouthful of water that this kitten didn’t bargain for. To the human here, watch out for some kitty revenge later.

cat6 photo: gifak

#8 Garfield taking a nap

I’ll just take this short nap while waiting for this blue thing here to move. Hey, where’s my lasagne?

catsleeping photo: ohmagif

#9 The balancing act..


photo: compilariz

#10 Adorable panda stumbling.. Oh wait, sorry..

And what’s worse is, he gets a kick from a fellow panda for interrupting something.

pandaphoto: giphy

#11 What’s that about your new yacht? I dozed off..

She looks around after nodding off, checking if somebody saw that. Apparently a million people on the internet did.

cat5photo: giphy

#12 Workaholic bunny anyone?

Told ya!

bunny-falling-asleep-at-desk-ophoto: gifsoup

#13 You human, bore me to sleep..

cat2photo: compilariz

#14 Dreaming of..

…that tennis ball.

dog2photo: laanimalalliance

#15 Did the camera catch that?

cat1photo: giphy

#16 No I won’t, no I won’t.. sleeep..

sleepy-sleepy-meerkats-ophoto: gifsoup

#17 Oh, heaven..

wolfphoto: peerfit

#18 Is this a pup snoozing or a teddy bear on its stomach?

If it wasn’t breathing I wouldn’t have thought it was alive!

dogphoto: imgdonkey

#19 Oh, oh, oh! Where in the love of bones am I?

This dog had it worst. Worse than any human waking up in the street after a night partying.

1322508462_dog_falls_asleep_in_the_waterphoto: gifbin

#20 Well, I guess sleep is contagious..

h6F72EF3Ephoto: senorgif

#21 I’ll live in here forever..


photo: marielloveland

#22 What did you say, pardon?

I didn’t catch that.

fall-asleep-ophoto: gifsoup

#23 Wake me up after that TV show you’re watching.

tumblr_mpo4kaIbIX1r1mr1po1_500photo: cheezburger.com

#24 But nothing beats a human baby..

3866photo: gifbin`




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