25 Disastrous Online Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Commit

Gone are the days of relying solely on word-of-mouth advertising. Although it hasn’t become obsolete, it has taken a new avenue or form to propagate — online, in digital signatures.

Online marketing is big and limitless. However, it has evolved into so many faceted strategies that it has left marketers and organizations vulnerable to mistakes. Now, let us look at these mistakes, see what you can do to avoid it and remedy for those who already committed the mentioned atrocities.

Mistake #1 Bad Attitude

grumpy catRastin Mehr via flickr

What do potential costumers always look for first? The way they will be treated in a business and how an organization or business have put effort in the product they want to buy. And the fact that you just hate replying to social media content you’ve put up will give a bad impression.

This is the biggest blunder you can do to push away consumers and eventually kill your business.

Mistake #2 Going For Cheap Options

cheap trickH. Michael Karshis via flickr

It is okay to save on things that you deem to be not too necessary for your growth. However, consumers will see and feel when the brand isn’t set up with the best intent, effort and a little bit of money. This can affect your sales since it may look unprofessional and cheap. Something the consumers won’t like to be serious about.

How you might appear like a cheapskate in your marketing campaigns:

  1. Staying on wordpress.com or blogger for your blog or website when you can buy your own domain and hosting.
  2. Using some child crafted artwork for your company logo.
  3. Looking for pre-designed business cards for free in the net.
  4. Newsletter sent from Outlook or Gmail.

So, don’t be cheap.

Mistake #3 Bad Landing Page

badLutz Koch via flickr

What’s worse than bad is taking customers to irrelevant landing pages. Craft your landing pages wisely. You can either use it to have new subscribers or you can use it to pitch your product. Landing page options are limitless.

Mistake #4 Attempting To Sell Too Soon

soldMark Moz via flickr

Marketing provides personalize interaction. Just like with a person to person interaction, no person would want to buy a house based on the seller’s talk alone. There should be preliminaries. The house needs to be seen, the property needs evaluation, the price needs negotiation and the seller needs to be trusted and confirmed for his legitimacy.

Online marketers should learn not to prance at the new lead who signed up for your newsletter right away.

Unless it’s Facebook for sale, you may need to have 3 to 4 meetings before closing in the deals, or this time, before pitching about your products.

Mistake #5 Making your Social Media Interaction Automated


Automation is the new trend and it is even converting nicely. However, when it comes to social media, your replies and interactions should be personal. You can automate content publication or the send out of emails but never answer your followers and fans with a same, single automated reply. It can hurt your brand.

How to avoid or remedy this mistake:

  1. Say thank you occasionally.
  2. Reply to inquiries as much as possible, as long as they are important.
  3. Be polite.
  4. Alternate between posts that are intellectual (brand-oriented) and fun and heart tugging (appeals to human)

Mistake #6 Not Identifying Target Audience


You do need to know who your audience are. There are ways to do it, you can have it automated even. Believe me, it’s worth the price. Knowing your audience defines your purpose. If you haven’t done it yet, you can start on it now.

Mistake #7 Not Collecting Emails

It is proven that your email receivers tend to share your content more than those who don’t receive it. You should know that those who sign up with their emails to subscribe are your audience that have a good deal of trust for you or your product.

Mistake #8 Disregarding SEO

The higher your rank is in Google search, the more likely that you will get the reader’s attention and clicks. This may mean better traffic and more visitors which can be potential consumers. However, there are easy SEO features and there are complicated SEO features.

The easy one entails simple things you can do by yourself. This may include carefully choosing your post title, tweaking the title’s tag and employing good and powerful keywords to draw attention to your site. The complicated ones may need you to hire experts. Plus, most experts do not only practice SEO, but SEM as well. That’s a plus for you.

Read top SEO statistics here.

Mistake #9 Focusing On One Medium for Communication

2891991931_c035e0ee6f_zDaniel Horacio Agostini

You can’t live by blog alone or by social media alone. Today’s market has become so competitive you have to be at a ready-to-spring position. Plus you don’t need to get serious in your posts, keep it light when possible. See this Mashable’s feature on how to use humour in online marketing.

One way to diversify your medium for reaching your audience is to use varied content options like videos, comics, infographics, case studies and even podcasts.

Mistake #10 Marketing to Demographic

Why is marketing to demographic a mistake? It doesn’t sound too wrong, does it? However, you should understand that demographic isn’t specific enough (although demographic is useful in some other ways); it isn’t your target audience. Rather, market on a niche.

Define demographics. Demographics are men over 30, women younger than 30, freelancers, medium sized business owners. These women may share some overt characteristics, but they can’t be a niche. A niche is when a group of people share a problem. They share a need for a product or a service.

Mistake #11 Ignoring YouTube

Videos are powerful. You can’t ignore it in favor of written content alone. Balance is the key. And there’ll never be any format that can go viral as videos. And it gets you the chance to demonstrate your products if it needs demonstrating.

Mistake #12 Not Using Local Search

Your SEO expert will understand this. You yourself may need to have it learned. People’s searches today are tailored to their current location or what is detected by the search engine. All you have to do is to put a location to your business. Put the address in it. Next time someone searches for the keyword with the location in it, there will be a big chance you’ll come first in the search engine.

Mistake #13 Not Getting Press Release

micAl Manar via flickr

You think that you have all this SEO and Automated strategy and you don’t need the power of good old press release but you’re wrong. If you are a very exceptional start up, you’ll go viral on media. If you are struggling, then the media might pass up on you. But don’t let it break your heart. Sometimes, going for the press yourself will allow you some recompense.

Mistake #14 Not Capturing Visitor Details

How can you personalize and improve your marketing without knowing your audience? Capturing visitor details are necessary through cookies. This will include the user’s location, likes, activity in your website, etc. In the future, you can program your strategies and contents based on the segmented profiles of your customers.

Mistake #15 Not Using a Custom Email Address

I would understand if you love seeing Yahoo, Gmail, or Outlook at the end of your business email address, but honestly I can’t.

A custom email address like this, [email protected], may look and sound more professional than [email protected]. When your domain is registered, you will be getting that custom email address. Plus it may help you avoid spam and is just better for trustworthiness.

Mistake #16 Ignoring Negative Keywords

Negative keywords can affect the way you pave in searches. Negative keywords are those that are irrelevant to the customer’s search but appeared in the first page due t same words in it. You can filter out these negative keywords. This will keep your ads from appearing in irrelevant queries.

Mistake #17 Spreading Your Influence too Thin

4430283716_e816d91568_oMarco Derksen

What do I mean with this? It’s akin to the good old mantra, “Jack of all trades, and master of none”. Now, say you have the social media, you communicate through LinkedIn, Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram. You even blog and you produce videos. Then you do press release.

How can this go wrong? You may have spread everything too thin. Although you have been to all, you never had the chance to put depth into these mediums. You just share on Facebook and Instagram but never nurture your followers. No interaction. You tweet daily. You blog daily, but nothing.

First, you have to choose one or two mediums and establish yourself there in a consistent basis. Then use the rest to propagate your message. And get a social media manager, for marketing sake.

Mistake #18 Not Giving Discounts

You can tempt your indecisive customers from time to time by slashing your prices. Not only will it help nudge customers but it will also draw in newer customers. There can be a little price to pay, but these new customers can turn into loyal clients later.

Remember, it is basic human nature and psychology not to let a good deal pass up.

Mistake #19 Ignoring Mobilisation of Landing Pages


Mobile now takes over PCs. Now, imagine your website offering your product as incompatible with a huge chunk of your possible consumer’s devices? Disastrous right? Not only have you lost a huge following but you let everything pass.

There are two options for this, making your mobile-specific website or one that is mobile responsive. Mobilisation is the in-thing.

Mistake #20 Registering Domain Names for Only a Year

You should know by now that domains that are registered only for a year may have a low standing. This can be because search engines may consider it a spam. To be search engine-friendly and to save you the hassle of renewing your domain every time it ends, then pay for long time use of it.

Mistake #21 Using Self Hosted Blog

We mentioned it earlier, don’t be a cheapskate. Have your own blog. It will be professional looking plus it will give you the chance to improve on it. Your personal blog, especially niched on your website, gives you variety of lee ways for improvement.

Mistake #22 Mistaking Traffic for Results

400428874_e087aa720d_zgrendelkhan via flickr

A good traffic can be a start but it doesn’t mean you are doing everything good. Check if this traffic converts or what this traffic is trying to access in your site. It probably isn’t the product. But you can use this as a starting point. No matter how useless, traffic is still traffic. You just need some nudging to turn them into leads.

Mistake #23 Ignoring and Not Measuring ROI

You’re ROI can be one way to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign. Knowing where you stand and how you will pave the way in the future will help you better your plans. Equate this ROI right and you’re in for a good start.

Mistake #24 No Long Term Plan

You can’t plan for an instant gratification of your marketing needs. You have to remember that what usually works may need a series of plans, a couple of prediction and a big analysis of the past. Do this long term plan and see your strategy work.

Mistake #25 Lack of Passion

3199460366_e256ea6868_zfabian via flickr

Every venture needs passion. Start a passionless business and you’re set up for a fast decline. Dedicating yourself to your business plus investing a heap of effort and money will help your start up, grow bigger or make your old venture stay long in the business.

Once this passion is present in you, you will be able to channel this to your consumers. There’s nothing that can beat a passionate group of fans.

featured image: Lauren Macdonald via flickr


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