24 Bizarre Phobias People Really Suffer From

Have you ever heard of people fearing bald people, beautiful women, new things or experiences, excessive money and Friday the 13th? Don’t laugh, these fears were suffered by real people and they have the equivalent phobia explanations.

Phobia is defined by the Queensland Health website as “persistent irrational fear of an object or a situation. Accompanying this fear is a strong desire to avoid what you fear and, in some cases, an inability to function at normal tasks in your job and in social settings.”

Phobias are often manageable but are hindering many people since it may cause stress, anxiety and panic once a person is exposed to his or her own fear. Due to this, phobia is included in the several anxiety disorders such as panic disorder, PTSD or the post traumatic stress disorder, OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder.

Now for the Bizarre Phobias

Phobias may stem from certain psychological reasons. Phobias are theoretically said to be caused by triggers, it is influenced by culture and it runs in the family. Plus, there are different types of phobias. For the kids though, almost every object and events have an equivalent phobia, well, almost.

What you may have grown up studying in science subjects may include the fear of heights, of spiders, of water, blood, animals, etc. But as we’ve mentioned earlier, have you ever met a person who has irrational fears of bald people? Nope? Here’s more of those bizarre phobia.


Caligynephobia or Venustraphobia is the fear of beautiful women. Yes, it actually exists. This is an unwarranted fear that is often exhibited by men who do not have a straight orientation. Once they face beautiful women, they are gripped with panic attacks and can’t interact socially with them.

beautiful womanphoto: marksebastian


This one’s a fear of having no mobile phone service. And there are a lot of people who have it, mind you. Daily Mail UK listed it as the biggest phobia in the world while a study, as reported in Huffington Post, found out that a total of 66% of people have this phobia.boy on phonePhoto: Sarah Cimino


Pediophobia is the fear of dolls. And this kind of phobia isn’t selective, rather, all dolls for that matter is included in the sufferers irrational fear. It includes robots and mannequins as well. This fear may hinder people’s social exposure since the world today literally has false representation of sentient beings everywhere from shops to advertisements.

dollsPhoto: puuikibeach


Who fears mirrors? Apparently, there are some people who do, and they suffer from Eisoptrophobia. Most people who have this fear know that it’s irrational. Often, it can be due to the grounded superstitions of mirrors and glass and how it may contain something supernatural once one looks into it.

girl in mirrorPhoto: Kalle W


Philophobia is the fear of falling in love. Most people who have this fear may end up living in solitude. Many though may overcome the phobia and live happily in healthy relationships. Read an essay about Philophobia here, Hookup Culture: Philophobia.

girl and boyPhoto: Nick Fuentes


Yellow seems like a nice color but those with Xanthophobia doesn’t think so. Those with xanthophobia fear anything that is yellow. This includes the sun, yellow flowers and yellow painted edifices. You fear yellow? Try to check this Yahoo Voices feature to check on symptoms and treatment.

yellow bananaPhoto: Daniele Zedda


Do you know someone who fears his mother-in-law in an irrational way? Don’t laugh at him; he may be suffering from Pentheraphobia.

manPhoto: Daniele Zedda


I nearly did not include it in the list since I had trouble in pronouncing it. But this fear, you say the name, is the fear of the Friday the 13th. When Friday falls in the 13th day of the month, chances are, those who fear it may be panicking already since bad luck is coming.

Friday 13thPhoto: Attila ACS


Hating Mondays? Fearing work? Once it becomes persistent and debilitating, then it might be a sign of Ergasiophobia. Underlying this condition might be ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder and other mental health problems.

woman in workPhoto: Dell


Crossing the street may be an easy feat for some but it can be a sweaty and fear inducing experience for others. This one though is different from phobias of cars. There are many types of agyrophobia, fears may vary. Some may fear wide roads, others may fear crossing anywhere on street, etc.

crossing streetPhoto: Robert S. Donovan


You wonder why some people have never visited McDonalds their entire life? OR have never dared to go near it? They may fear Ronald or they may have an exaggerated fear of clowns. This may happen due to some bad childhood experiences or due to sinister portrayal of clowns in movies today. Danielle Radcliffe and Johnny Depp have it. And it’s no laughing matter, read Bills Briggs take on the issue in No laughing matter: Fear of clowns is serious issue.

clownsPhoto: JeepersMedia


Some people may love getting in touch with younger people since it makes them feel young but do you know that some people abhor social interaction with the youth? They have the fear of youths or the Ephebophobia.

young girlsPhoto:[ab.plan.alp] photography


I, for one, don’t have a love for cheese like the majority of the population do, but can you think of a person who fears it? Turophobia or the fear of any kind of cheese or all kinds is associated with traumatic experience.

cheesePhoto: Graeme Mclean


Being exposed to a scary forest and trees during childhood may result in hylophobia or fear of trees. Sufferers may feel anxiety by thinking of woods or by simply seeing a forest.

treesPhoto: leafar.


Have you heard of people getting severe anxiety attacks when getting in contact with rain? It may signify Omrophobic behaviour – fear of rain.

waterPhoto: Christiano Betta


If you’ve felt like freezing whenever dancing is announced, then you may have chorophobia or the fear of dancing.

balletPhoto: Fede Racchi


Who would not want money? Although it’s a basic need for living your life, money is unwelcome among chrometophobics. Often, to remedy it, chrometophobics use credit cards instead.

moneyPhoto: Thamires VIeira


Plenty of bald people may litter the streets everyday but Peladophobics may find nothing funny about it. Instead, a hairless head may induce panic and fears in them. It can be caused by some childhood experiences or maybe by the thought of getting bald themselves.

baldPhoto: rolands.lakis


Seems like that this phobia is one of the most inconvenient one. Opening eyes for optophobics is an ordeal that they have to face every day. And literally, they dread waking up every morning.

closed eyesPhoto: Victor Bezrukov


Many different phobias include fear of certain body parts. This time, it’s all about the chin. So yes, you can imagine geniophobics wishing to vanish your chin from their sight.

eyesPhoto: a4gpa


I always thought that everybody loves the moon with all its mystery, but no! Some people hate it, loathe it and fear it in an irrational way. And this fear has a name, selenophobia. Another Yahoo Voice article on it here, Selenophobia or Fear of the Moon.

moonPhoto: Het mooie Haagse Leven


Some people have a fear of houses. They are terrified by the idea of being inside or living inside a house. Okay, we have the same question now, where do these domatophobics live?

housePhoto: paraflyer


Mnemophobes fear memories. This, according to theory, is a result of bad experiences which may accompany these memories.sad memoriesPhoto: soundman1024


Sitting down is a reflex to everybody especially after a very tiring day. But did you know that some people dread the process of sitting down? Well if you can imagine, these people may have spent their time standing up or doing anything that doesn’t involve sitting down.

sofaPhoto: 55Laney69


Although these fears seemed bizarre, there are a lot of people who experience them and are able to get over them. Treatments and therapies are recommended to help manage these phobias.

featured image: Victor Bezrukov


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