22 Tips to Gain More Blog Subscribers

A loyal subscriber list is the lifeline of content and publishing. You can create good content on a regular basis and it will of course be noticed but creating a group of loyal subscribers is what your blog should be aiming for. This will lend itself to increased traffic.

Today, 77% of online consumers in the US are wary of giving their email addresses to companies. Others may subscribe but then unsubscribe for various reasons. Reasons for unsubscription include:

  • Too many email updates in a short time frame
  • Boring and low quality content
  • Irrelevant content
  • Reader has received too many emails overall
  • Reader has only subscribed for a one time offer or a one-off download
  • Switched to another website for better information

Subscribers who lose interest may unsubscribe, delete the email upon arrival, send it to spam or filter and ignore emails from that sender. This can be inconsequential for those who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers already. But then, for those who are still trying to grow their subscriber list, it can be a disaster.

The idea of growing your email list and your engagement time may boil down to one single thing: content quality. If you have are already creating quality content and seeing the benefits, you may now start to gather your subscribers. Easier said than done, but still very possible.

So, how do you grow your list? Here’s how:

 #1 Offer incentives for subscribing

Incentives may include e-books, access to the premium side of your site, coupons, downloads and other perks. You can set this up via a landing page which gives out the reward.

#2 Make the subscription button visible

And make it stand out. Don’t just place it amongst other links and info, instead put it where it’s easily noticeable and can be accessed right away. The best place is near the top of your blog or through a pop-up as the reader scrolls down.

#3 Make the first impression last

First time subscribers are most engaged within the first 48 hours of being on a site. A welcome message that is noticeable and highly engaging can pull in dedicated subscribers. Those who do not make a good first impression may lose subscriptions. In your first 48 hours with a new subscriber make sure to:

  1. Send a welcome message right away
  2. Reinforce your brand in the welcoming message
  3. Set the subscribers expectations based on what you publish
  4. Include call to action for next step

#4 Tell your audience what they will gain from subscription

Or find a creative way to demonstrate it to them. Make the message concise and accurate while encompassing the entire purpose of your site as well as the things they will gain from subscribing.

#5 Add call to action in the footer

Make this footer visible after every blog post. If the reader finds your content satisfactory, he or she may be compelled to scroll the entire page and subscribe. The firs thing you need to do is to write a good quality, convincing post. Putting the subscription box after the content will save the reader having to scroll back up to your subscription box at the top (which most often doesn’t happen since readers don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to scroll back up).

#6 Bank on your social media presence

You can start promoting your subscription page and then share it throughout your various social media channels. You can receive subscriptions from all of your channels if you implement this properly and keep it consistent.

#7 Show social proof

Just like in social media, the number of likers and followers you have can establish your authority in the niche. When you have a decent amount of “boastable” subscribers, you can add this number as leverage in your subscription box or call to action statements.

#8 Subscription CTA in emails

So who says that you can only put your subscription box on your site alone? Your email newsletters can include this as well. Let it sit at the bottom of every email sent.

#9 Create a dedicated Subscription landing page

You can direct your potential subscribers here. It will point them towards your social media accounts, your email or other content they may be interested in.

#10 Make social media sharing easy

You first have to hoard social media followers and then start marketing your subscription options on them. Keep your sharing in social media easy with social buttons that are visible and easy to click. Also limit your social buttons to what’s relevant for your audience; Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and Stumbleupon are good for starters.

#11 Include Subscription CTA in your other content

Other content might include your ebooks, webinars, other pages, etc. Include it in the footer of these contents.

#12 Make your subscription mobile friendly

We always mention that mobiles and tablets are now overtaking PCs and laptops in terms of internet access. Now, 40% of emails are opened on mobile phones. So make your CTAs mobile friendly.

#13 Create quality content

Length does not equal quality, but it sure signals more information and better research went into a post. At XenLife we started with short posts until averaging out to semi-long posts. For content to be good quality, you have to do the research, structure it so that it is readable and keep it visually entertaining. For more technical articles on your blog, you might want to seek professionals from specific fields.

When posting content that is meant to pull in readers by being “fun”, don’t just make it all “fun”. You should still make lengthy content, inserting informative phrases all throughout. This will help you be noticed in search engines while engaging readers.

#14 Publish Consistently

One good piece of content everyday is better than five contents published in a day. This keeps your visibility steady whereas a sudden surge of published content can be overwhelming. So keep it steady but updated. Don’t be lazy for a week and suddenly reappear the next. Remember, you are nurturing your readers. And in most studies, publishing consistently may generate more traffic and leads.

#15 Subscription CTA in Personal Emails

If you are really intent on swelling your subscription, you can add your subscription CTA in your personal emails. So every time you send email, your acquaintances will get the chance to access your site or subscribe to it right away.

#16 Pay for it

Sometimes a little push is all you need to make your list grow. You can use PPC to direct people to your Subscription CTA page.

#17 Guest Blog

Try out guest blogging on relevant and highly appraised sites. It doesn’t have to be called guest blogging, you could refer to it as “tapping an influencer”. But if this is an option, add your subscription landing page link in your byline when you guest blog.

#18 Podcast

A podcast can take up a lot of your precious time but it can still generate a couple of subscribers. Post on it regularly, making sure to discuss your recent posts. At the end, mention your subscription details and direct them to your blog.

#19 Be active in forums

Forums can do you good if you choose one well enough. Be wary though, some forums can make or break businesses. Play it right, make sure you start on good footing, build relationships first before you pitch your blog. And make sure the forum you are on relates to your target niche.

#20 Use Cross promotional deals

First you have to look for notable influencers or even blogs in the same niche group as yours. You can start pitching or try building a relationship before putting forth your business deal. These cross promotional deals include getting your blog post features at the end of another website’s relevant post.

#21 Do a series

No, not a television series, but a post series. Series can help your readers anticipate what is to come. Plus, it can help to gain subscribers as well. Do some post like “10 days to a healthier you” or “15 days to grow your subscribers”, etc. You’ve given your readers a timeline and a step-by-step guide which is very useful.

#22 Optimize loading time

Slow loading time can lose you readers as well as potential subscribers. Optimize your website, your landing page and your posts for faster loading time. Most readers hate waiting, increasing your bounce rate.


Hopefully these simple little tweaks will gain you more subscribers. What you need is a little patience and a streak of creativity. Although there are people who are lucky enough gain an astounding number of subscribers in a day, there are also those who have to work for it. Give it a month or two and experiment on different ways to increase your subscriber list.

While doing these little tweaks, make sure to consistently publish good content.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Wilson


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