2015 Food Trends

Many food trends have come and gone over the past few years. However, 2015 has seen some very exciting foods joining the market, and we think they’re here to stay.

Some famous food trends from 2014 included cronuts, quinoa, kale, kimchi and juicing. While some of these have already lost popularity in the food world, new trends are always developing. Of course, this means we have a lot of new things to try!

What makes a new food trend stick? Does it have anything to do with marketing? The taste? Or do people get bored of foods too quickly and need to be introduced to new things every season?

What makes a food trend stick?


Whether we want to admit it or not, trends are born from marketing. Consumer preferences are evolving all the time; these changes need to be constantly monitored by businesses in order to anticipate new options and plan the next marketing move. This is how new food trends are created.

There are three major reasons why a shift in trends might occur in the food industry. They include:

  1. A need for greater variety of food
  2. A need for healthier eating
  3. Pricing

Cronuts are wildly popular and certainly fit under the ‘variety’ trend category. The equally popular kale and kimchi trends fulfill a need for healthier eating. When consumers realise the benefits to be gained from a product, they are likely to repurchase; even more so if the trend is featured heavily in popular media.

Food Trends of 2015



Cauliflower is now following in the footsteps of the kale trend as a superfood packed with nutrients. It is also very versatile in terms of cooking; it can be steamed, mashed, roasted or barbecued. Those who are restricted to a gluten free diet can also enjoy this vegetable. A pizza topped with cauliflower or cauliflower in mac and cheese are just some of the healthy alternatives offered by this vege.

Bone broth


We’ve seen the Paleo Diet become a smash hit during the last year or so. Paleo suggests that all meat is said to be beneficial for health. Paleo chefs like to use anything related to meat in their cooking; even the bones!

Bone broth is the basis of all soups and stews we consume. However, the nutrients are often overlooked. Bone broth is nourishing, makes food taste better and is inexpensive. Bone broth is predicted to become commonplace in daily meals and some restaurants in New York are even offering the broth and tagging it as a the world’s first, simplest comfort food.


A Canadian inspired trend, poutine is a simple mixture of chips (fries), gravy and cheese curds. The chips are easy to eat and taste great.

Varieties of poutine are now popping up all over the world, with each country adding their own signature modifications. New poutine toppings include pork, kimchi and coq au vin among others. In the future, we are sure to see other delicious toppings added to Canadian delicacy.

Posh burger


By now, we’re used to regular beef burgers served at nearly every restaurant and fast food joint. Posh burgers were introduced on the food scene a year ago, however, new versions offer something even better.

Reinvented posh burgers now include other ingredients such as duck, pork belly, lobster, scallops and squid. Don’t forget the side of gourmet chips!



If you choose to eat breakfast food all throughout the day (like I do), you’re going to love this new food trend. Brinner (breakfast for dinner) means you can eat your favourite comfort breakfast food no matter the time of day! Full English breakfasts, poached eggs, bacon, frittatas, sweet corn cakes, and salsa will now come with a “dinner twist” on your dining table.

Full fat


If you’re health conscious, you’ve probably shunned fats all your life when it comes to food choices. This particular food trend will see an inclusion of more fat from meat included in diets in 2015; we’re not talking about trans fats from processed foods!

The trend is incorporating and embracing these animal fats in meals; there’s full fat yogurt, cultured butter, chicken fat infused dishes and of course lardy cake. While this may be the new trend, keep health considerations in mind.

Local meats and vegetables


During 2015 we will likely see the food industry putting an emphasis on the importance of local produce. Expect to buy more local meats and vegetables this year! The food industry sees this as a step in a healthier and more supportive direction; both consumers and local produce owners will benefit.

Insect-infused foods

Insects are filled with protein. These exotic ingredients are used all the time in traditional Asian recipes and the trend has created a lot of curiosity in other countries.

Insects are said to be powerhouses of protein. For example, a single grasshopper contains the same kind of protein as that found in chicken breast. Insect-infused food is powered by two other trends; the interest in foraging for food and the invasivore movement (don’t kill them, eat them).

This trend isn’t likely to come in actual insect form per se, rather it will be on the market as ingredients included in processed foods. For example, insects could be infused in power bars and flours. There are, however, some restaurants that serve meals with insect options like a burger made out of cricket meat.



We’ve seen the rise of quinoa and it is staying for good! Millet is very similar to quinoa, so it’s not wonder it has become popular. Millet is an avian staple; it’s the main ingredient of birdseed.

Millet has a superfood quality in that it is healthy, rich in protein, free of gluten and high in fiber. Millet is said to retain its alkaline properties even after cooking. It is good for those who have wheat allergies and sensitive digestion processes.

Sustainable seafoods


More and more people are trying to contribute to environmental awareness through their choice of food sources. Sustainability is the key for environmentally-aware foodies. Sustainable seafoods are those that aren’t in danger of becoming extinct due to harvesting and produce minimal waste once processed.

One known sustainable food source is calamari. So the next time you’re choosing seafood at a restaurant, choose this! As well as being sustainable, it is also filled with omega-3.



It looks like anything spicy is here to stay. We know kimchi is definitely staying, but what will the next spicy trend be? Experts predict Harissa will be the next big thing in spice. Harissa is a Tunisian hot chilli pepper paste. It is slowly finding its way into the homes of spice lovers who welcomed the likes of kimchi and sriracha last year.

For the foodies

This post is definitely for all the foodies out there! This year, you’re definitely in for a rollercoaster ride of food trends.

For now you can sit back, relax and let the food trends unfold.



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