There will come a day in your life when you’ll want to throw everything out of your house because it’s just too damn messy. I’m talking about the kind of mess that makes you crazy even if you’re spending a long time organizing everything. It seems that what you’re doing isn’t working out at all. Sometimes you think that it doesn’t make sense why everything is not working out, but you don’t have to worry. Below are some easy do-it-yourself hacks to get rid of the clutter and mess in your home.

1. Shoeboxes as drawer dividers

You don’t need to spend on manufactured drawer dividers. If you have any old or unused shoeboxes, you can customize them with just a pair of scissors to be DIY dividers. Just cut the boxes on the sizes that you require and then tuck them into the drawer.

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2. Spice racks for your bath

You can use spice racks to organize lotion, hair care products, body wash, shaving creams and other bath products in your bathroom. This will unclutter your bathroom sink.

3. Hair clips and wires

If you have too many hair clips not in use, then use them to organize anything that uses a cable or long wires. Just roll the wires, earphones, phone charger cables, etc. and clip them with the hair clips. Done.

4. Make a DIY memo board

Just frame an attractive fabric, paper or stationary and then hang it where everyone can see. Use a dry-erase marker and write down any reminders on the glass. If you want to decorate the frame, just put a nice ribbon with matching paint on the frame.

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5. DIY paint station

If you’ve got some painting projects going on, you can use an old milk jug or water container as your paint station. Just cut the front face of the container, leaving about an inch at the bottom. The catch basin will serve as the paint tray and the bottle opening at the top will serve as the brush holder.

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6. Sort and store Lego bricks by color

Your kids, particularly little boys, you will surely have Lego brick scattered on the floor. A Lego brick is like a ticking time bomb waiting for someone to step on it. You can teach your kids to organize each brick by their color. You can use any covered container and label them by color. This will also teach your kids to organize their Legos and make it easy for them to find the brick they need when building.

 7. Pegboards as mini dress stations            

Transform any inside closet door into a one-stop storage station by using pegboards to neatly display belts, hair brushes, scarves or necklaces. You can also attach a small mirror to make it more functional.


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8. Wire racks under the table

Another DIY cable solution. Just use a wire rack and screwable hooks. Attach them under your table where computer cables, phone chargers, extension cords etc. are often used. This will save you space and any wire clutter on the floor or table. Plus, no tangled wires to annoy you.

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9. Paper holder or cuff

You can organize and save any wrapping or gift paper from being crumpled by using a DIY cuff. Just use a toilet paper core, cut it lengthwise, insert the wrapping paper and that’s it. It will hold the paper and prevent it from crumpling. You will be able to stack them in a basket or a drawer.

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10. Velcro to hold stuffed toys

Attach a few strips of Velcro on the wall and attach the other half of it onto lightweight stuffed toys. Stick the other half of the Velcro to the other half and you are done.

11. Soda tab hangers

Use aluminum soda tabs to offset your hangers. This can save space in your closet.

12. Hair dryer holster

If you have an extra magazine holder, then put it into good use. Attach this extra magazine holder at the back  of a cabinet door and then store your hair dryer there. It will not only save space, it will also prevent the cables from tangling.

13. Tool Holsters

Scrap PVC pipes can be used as tool holders in your garage. Just cut out the required scrap PVCs, screw them to the wall and just store any long tools. It will keep it organized, save space and keep you safe from any sharp and dangerous tools.

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14. Magnets as organizers

You can do this on your medicine cabinet using magnetic strips on the inside of the cabinet door to organizing tweezers, metal grooming tools, bobby pins.

15. Floating jars as storage

Attach the lid of the jars with tacks, nail or glue. You can fill these small jars with buttons, nails and other small supplies, instantly saving storage room on your shelf.

16. Cord labels

You may not have thought of it, but you can use old bread tags to label all your home or office electrical cords. Just write what the tag will be attached to and boom! You’re done. No more guessing what cable goes to what appliance.

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17. DIY bike rack              

Use an old or discarded road bike handle bar as your DIY wall bike rack. Wrap the old bike rack with new handlebar tape, use an old road bike stem and then attach it to a metal plate. Screw the metal plate to the wall, make sure that it is screwed securely to prevent the bike from falling and the bike rack from detaching. Hang up your bike and voila!

18. Tension rods as storage for cleaning products

Just hang any unused or spare tension rods for storage. Secure the rod  in the cabinet underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink. Hook your most frequently used sprays and scrubbers for easy access.

19. Old newspapers as absorbents

Old newspapers building up in your garage? Put old newspapers at the bottom of your trash bin to absorb food juices and other waste liquids. This will save your floor from liquid trash drips.

20. A trusty wine rack as a wall organizer

Hang any unused or old wine rack on your garage wall or your supply closet. It’s good storage for stashing rags, medium sized tools, extension cords and other knick knacks.

Have a go at these simple and low-cost DIY hacks and you will be able to create order from chaos in your home. Have a nice day!

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