20 Organisation Tips for a Tiny Kitchen

Do you have a tiny kitchen? Well, it doesn’t have to be a problem for you any more because we have some tips and tricks to help you maximize your space!

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house, and for those who love cooking, a kitchen is one place that is considered relaxing and creative. However, a kitchen that is too small can be hard to work in!

Cooking accessories and kitchen appliances are hard to organise. You may need some ingenuity to fit in your baking and cooking valuables without making your kitchen overcrowded and messy. Sometimes you may want to free up some space but you just don’t know where to put your extra pans and your beloved spice rack.

Try out our tips below and your small kitchen could feel a whole lot bigger (and tidier!).

#1 Create more shelving with mesh stands

Using these mesh shelves to further divide your shelve and cupboard space will help add more storage. For instance, if you want to store mugs on a shelf, you won’t be able to stack anything else above it. By adding a mesh shelf, you will be able to utilize the remaining space wisely. You can use this in all your cabinets and other places aside from your kitchen.

enhanced-buzz-18056-1368065251-13Image Credit: aplaceforeverything

#2 Utilize your ceiling

Storing your extra pans and ladles in the cabinet may take up lots of space and they can be such a pain to stack. Instead, install some metal bars forming a rectangle on the ceiling and install hooks in it. Now you can hang your pans! This also helps you locate them easier in case you need them.

Dont-overlook-your-ceilingImage Credit: flicker via jonesgallery

#3 Folding table

Instead of using a large counter or a big table that can eat up space, you can go minimalist with a fold up table. This can clear up space in the kitchen when it’s not in use.

enhanced-buzz-9007-1368111382-22Image credit: Overstock

#4 Save space with an over-the-sink cutting board

If you’re creative enough, you can make this cutting board yourself. This should span the length of your sink and sit in place with stability. This way, you won’t be hunting for that extra counter-top space when everything seems too crowded.

enhanced-buzz-16321-1368065038-0Image Credit: thekitchn

#5 Magnetic racks

Instead of putting your spice racks on the counter or in the cabinet, you can now put them on the fridge. Glue some magnets onto a plastic rack, like pictured below, and let it stick on the outside of your fridge. You can use the rack to hold spices, condiments and other cooking ingredients. You can use a few more racks for other things (as long as they’re not too heavy for the magnet to hold).

enhanced-buzz-8964-1368112123-41Image Credit: Instructibles

#6 Utilize space above your kitchen door

Build in a wooden rack above your door and use it for things that you don’t need all the time. The sample below made use of a rack to store bottles.

15_Storage_And_Organization_Ideas_For_Your_Kitchen_-_Make_a_shelf_to_use_the_space_above_your_doorway12Image Credit: forrent

#7 Towel or curtain rod to store pan covers

Install towel or curtain rods in an unused part of your kitchen wall. Use it to hang pan covers. Pan covers are hard to store but once they are organised this way, they can be easy to grab.

enhanced-buzz-23717-1368065215-0Image Credit: instructibles

#8 Magazine rack to store boxes

Glue these magazine racks to the back of your cupboard or cabinet doors. Use them to organise boxes of foil, plastic wrappers, lunch bags and cling wrap. Since they are not that heavy, the rack will hold it without hassle.

enhanced-buzz-18131-1368065148-11Image Credit: inspiretocreate

#9 Decorative and functional mason jars

Your old mason jars can be a great way to organise your food and ingredients and even become very decorative. Use them to store your corn for pop corn, pretzels, pasta, cookies, etc. Hang the jars under your hanging cabinets. Here’s how it’ll look:

30-KitchenImage Credit: brit

#10 Use an old rake for your wineglasses

Instead of storing your wineglasses one next to the other in a cupboard, try your luck with your old rake. Clean it up and position it on your wall. It will look creative and will give your kitchen a vintage, rustic feeling.

Ideas-To-Improve-Your-Kitchen-3Image Credit: CountryLiving

#11 Store knives with skewers

No knife organiser in sight? Big knives taking up too much space in your utensil drawer? This DIY knife holder is too awesome. Just get a plastic cup, fill it with bamboo skewers and put it your knives. It saves space plus it looks really creative.

Ideas-To-Improve-Your-Kitchen-7Image Credit: feliciakramer

#12 Keep opened chips and pasta fresh

Seal off opened chips, pasta and other food bags by recycling old plastic bottles. Cut off the top of a plastic bottle and take off its cap. Push the bag through the mouth of the plastic bottle then fold it over the edges. Put back the cap back on and twist tight!

ku-xlargeImage Credit: Lifehacker

#13 Utilize a pegboard for wall storage

You can use a pegboard and hang everything on it (just have some hooks handy). Pegboards can also be used in your bedroom for organising your accessories or in your garage to organise tools. Here is how some extra storage might look in your tiny kitchen:

6a00d8358081ff69e2017c353cc195970b-800wiImage Credit: abeautifulmess

#14 Organise cookie cutters with a paper towel dispenser

You can choose to keep your cookie cutters scattered throughout a drawer or you can choose to have them stacked this neat way. It’s creative and it saves you some mess and space.

enhanced-buzz-23291-1354910482-14Image credit: bhg

#15 CD rack in your drawer

Instead of storing them outside the cabinet or taking up space in drawers, organise your plastic wares with a CD rack. It’s a nice way to keep track of what you have and it keeps everything in place.

17f4aezvhvjbijpgImage Credit: Lifehacker

#16 Organise your spices in magnetic jars on your fridge

Buy some small jars for your spices. On the bottom, stick a magnet with a strong adhesive. Then label each on the cap so you know which spice is which. You can buy these small magnets and the jars in home stores.

DSC01535Image Credit: WittyintheCity

#17 Store metal utensils on a magnetic rod

Keep your knives, utensils and other kitchen paraphernalia on one magnetic rod. Install it on a wall near your normal chopping space, stick on the knives and you’ll have them available whenever you need them. It’s so easy to put them back too.

cd422072-bdec-4933-9c66-83e16dd312e3Image Credit: SnackoBacko

#18 Pull out cutting board!

This pull out cutting board is plain awesome. You can do it on your own too, you just need to visit your hardware store and request for a slider and a cutting board. Ask someone for help with the installation if you need it.

traditional-kitchenImage Credit: houzz

#19 Food dispensers for dry foods

Instead of keeping packs and boxes of cereals, pastas or rice on the counter or in the cabinet, use a food dispenser. These are widely available online or in your local home store. They’re easy to use, pretty to look at and they organise things very easily.

kitchen-hacks-6-610x703Image Credit: WonderfulEngineering

#20 Use storage carts

If you’re in desperate need of some space, then use some storage carts that you can move around. If you need a bigger space, you can stash them in another room of the house for a short time. Use this cart to store cooking utensils; they need to be out since you use them frequently. This way, you can free some cupboard space to store other things that aren’t used as regularly.

82c2409f-08d7-48a4-becc-bc91d4175785Image Credit: Paper Tigers


All these tips are awesome, right?

Even if your kitchen is tiny, it doesn’t have to be messy and disorganised. The trick is to utilize space as much as possible but also keep your kitchen looking nice and decorative. Most of the tricks are DIY while some may just ask for a little creative thinking.

Good luck!

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