We’ve all seen some awesome inventions or simple products that are pretty neat and border on super-awesomeness. In internet speak, these products may compel you to say “Shut Up and Take my Money!” And there’s a meme for that:


The “Shut Up and Take my Money!” meme is often used by netizens to express over enthusiasm about a product or idea that is super cool. It is pictured with the character of Fry from Futurama. One of our previous posts showed an awesome idea for a stapler that adds in a date! Now, how about some more items that will make you say “SUATMM”? Here we go!

SUATMM Item No. 1 – Mini Doughnut Maker

Ok, so I may not be an avid doughnut fan but I swear I’d buy this if I came across it in the mall. What you need with that is a ready to bake doughnut mix and you’re done for the day. Get the sprinkles ready!

photo: realitypod 

See Amazon product link here Mini Donut Factory

SUATMM Item No. 2 – Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Holy guacamole! Where has this thing been all my life? Search for it and its all over the internet. This sandwich maker is separated by removable partitions. You cook each ingredient in a different level and once you’re sure they’re all done, you can start pulling out each level and come up with a nicely layered sandwich. All in five minutes.

gadgets-hamilton beach sandwich maker 5-munute-Breakfast-Sandwich-Makerphoto: seriouseats and chewthedirt

SUATMM Item No. 3 – Multiplying Mechanical Birthday Cake Candle

By the way, my birthday is in October and I’m accepting this as the only gift! Kidding. But who wouldn’t want this? I’ll accept this even if it isn’t my birthday. I can use this as an alternate night lamp.

PS. It sings too. Oh my goodness!

ulpianusphoto: bite.ca

SUATMM Item No. 4 – Whatever! I’m Late Anyway Watch

Okay. This could be useful for my few moments of lateness (it doesn’t happen often, so when it does, I panic). Aside from the ‘the-heck-do-I-care’ attitude this watch produces, it’s another way to troll those habitual time-askers. So when they say “What time is it now?”, raise your watch and let them decide.

whateverphoto: watcwhateverhuseek

SUATMM Item No. 5 – Mini Vacuum (USB Powered)

If you have this now, you’ll be the object of envy of half of the people on the internet. Well, aside from the amusement it provides to the user, it keeps your desk clean. And admit it, you’ll have no power to stop yourself from using it again and again.

mini vacuumphoto: odditymall

See Amazon product link hereStick Vacuum

SUATMM Item No. 6 – Shuriken Flash Drive

Who doesn’t want to become a ninja? You can start trolling your friends or impress them with this shuriken. Either way, this USB flash drive is awesome. It’s like storing data in a badass way. And by the way, it comes with a Kunai design too.

shuriken flash drivephoto: webtechpoint

See Amazon product link here Shuriken Metal Model USB 2.0

SUATMM Item No. 7 – Human Organ Lunch Bag

This surely is the best anti-theft lunch bag there is. Bring it to the office and you can spook everyone who checks the refrigerator. But of course, we can discount those that are just too curious who will open it and find only your lunch, no human heart. It’s worth a try though.

e72e_organ_transport_lunch_cooler_newphoto: odditymall and faxo

See Amazon product link here Emergency Meal Transport

SUATMM Item No. 8 – Birdhouse that looks like a CCTV Camera

Gizmodo might be skeptical about this but this birdhouse is great! It is a fun way to house a bird and you never know, it might deter low life creatures in the near future.

cctv like bird cagephoto: oddity

SUATMM Item No. 9 – Weather Mimicking Smart Cloud Plays Music

This musical cloud seems to be a very cool addition to your room or your entertainment haven. It’s quite entertaining, literally.

smart-cloud-mimics-a-thunderstorm-and-plays-music-6258photo: odditymall

SUATMM Item No. 10 – Anti-theft Doormat

You may have that cool doormat to boast of but this one is beyond cool. Plus, it’s funny too.

the-neighbors-have-better-stuff-doormat-1photo: odditymall

See Amazon product link here The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Doormats

SUATMM Item No. 11 – Potato Cutter, Fries Maker

Now, instead of fastfood bought fries, you can finally make your own minus the fight with the slicing and the knife.

ztyamvphoto: odditymall and ebay

See Amazon product link here French Fry Cutter

SUATMM Item No. 12 – Fake Boyfriend Pillow

This pillow is surely the only one you need, one for your forever alone needs.

ineedthatphoto: itsallagameofchance

See Amazon product link here Boyfriend Pillow

SUATMM Item No. 13 – Hamburger Bed

Feeling like a hamburger today? You can either eat one or sleep like one. It’s ridiculous but this might be worth the price. Imagine being a hamburger, priceless!

hamburgerbed02photo: toxel

 SUATMM Item No. 14 – GOT Dragon Egg Canister

I am not a Game of Throne Fan (stopped reading and watching the series after Bran was pushed out of the tower) but I know millions still are. This GOT franchise item released at $30 dollars is all over the internet. Channel your inner dragon with this cookie jar or you may use it for the safe keeping of other items. Just be prepared, dragon eggs will be privy to thieves!

game-of-thrones-dragon-egg-canister-454_500photo: thinkgeek and HBO

 See Amazon product link here  Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Prop Replica Set in Wooden Box

SUATMM Item No. 15 – Totoro Slippers

Okay this is old. You can find just about every cartoon character in plush slippers but… this one’s Totoro! And it can be your sad tribute to these kind of animations since Studio Ghibli recently announced its “temporary” halt of productions after Miyazaki.

Totoro-Plush-Slippersphoto: thisisreallyathing

See Amazon product link here Totoro Plush Slippers

SUATMM Item No. 16 – 3D Pen

Boredom-induced doodling can be an ultimate time killer. Now imagine having your 2D doodles come to life! Fantastic and you can do it all day. So here’s a penultimate (pun intended) answer to it; a 3D pen.

3d penphoto: thekingsoftheblog

See Amazon product link here 3D Drawing Pen

SUATMM Item No. 17 – Magic Wand Remote

I am puking rainbows by now. Instead of the usual pressing of the good old remote, you can now say a spell and flourish this magic wand that acts as a remote control. I mean, a remote control that disguises as a wand. Forgive me, it’s my pent up Harry Potter childhood desires. (You can complete the feels by wearing some makeshift wizard robes.)

200984-p1photo: sharperimage

See Amazon product link hereMagic Wand Remote Control – Universal

SUATMM Item No. 18 – Floating Island Inflatable

First, if you’re curious, it costs $180. And it looks to be very worth it.

Sun_Pleasure_Tropical_Tahiti_Aphoto: ebay

See Amazon product link here Inflatable 6-Person Pool Raft Floating Island w/ 2 Built-in Coolers

SUATMM Item No. 19 – Color Changing Shower

If showers are a bit boring for you and you literally drag yourself to them every morning, this fun and colored shower head seems like a good idea. It can go rainbow too. Plus, its hydro-powered.

HYDROPOWER-LED-Light-Shower-Head-font-b-RGB-b-font-Temperature-font-b-Color-b-fontphoto: aliexpress

See Amazon product link here Color Changing Showerhead Nozzle

SUATMM Item No. 20 – Cone Pizza Maker

See this? Okay, stop screaming you can order it anywhere online, ebay, amazon, etc. Try to keep calm and let’s take a look at this thing logically. It consists of a cone and a holder to make it stay upright while in the oven.  Typically, this cone machine lets you do a pizza in cone that is filled with all your favorite pizza toppings. This is on the same level as the drool-inducing post we had of egg-filled bacon.

cone machine pizzacraft-pizza-cones-4photo: amazon and blessthisstuff

See Amazon product link here Pizzacraft Grilled Pizza Cone Set

Note: If ever you found me sounding like sales pitching for any product or item above, then pardon, I didn’t mean it. I might just be over enthusiastic of the whole idea.

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