There have been so many inventions over the years that have helped in making our lives easier. Without inventors, life would be very different for us. It would be very difficult to live a single minute without the benefits of some form of invention. If you think about it, virtually everything we use today was invented at some point in the past. From windows, floors, concrete, the furniture in your house, devices that control temperature and of course all the different kinds of technology we use today.

An invention can be defined  as a unique or novel device, a method, a process or a composition. The invention process is an engineering and product development process which can be an enhancement of a machine or a product. It can also be a new process for creating or developing a new object or result.

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Some inventions are famous or legendary while some are obscure and have been forgotten over time. Some inventions stand on the shoulder of other inventions that came before them. However, behind every invention is a person that saw a problem and invented a solution for it. Some inventions can occur out of sheer luck or a result of an accident and some are the result of extensive study and experimentation until the inventor perfected the formula for his invention. Whatever the case, we are thankful that inventors are around to create the things we use, be it a simple invention or a complex one.

Clever Inventions You’ll Wish You Had

Lightsabres, time machines or flying cars may one day revolutionize the way we live, but for now, let’s make do with these clever inventions:

1. Screens in cinema toilets

This means that even if you need to run to the bathroom in the middle of a film, you’ll never miss anything!

2. Beanbag movie chairs

Relaxing in a bean bag seat during a movie is not a bad idea at all. Just make sure not to get too comfortable; wearing pajamas to the cinemas isn’t really a good idea (we wish)! Don’t forget that you’re at the movies and not your living room.

3. Zip up in-ear headphones

It’s so annoying when you’re trying to use your headphones and they get all tangled up. This invention uses a zipper to prevent tangling. Tangles begone!

4. Countdown traffic lights

Many countries have adopted this very clever device. There’s no need for traffic cops at intersections anymore. You wish you had this in your streets right? Just make sure not to be in moto GP mode while you wait for the seconds to go down.

5. A toothpaste tube with end to end openings

It’s just a pure and simple idea. No more wasted toothpaste left in the tube.

6. Heated butter knife

By using this device, you will no longer have to wait for the hard-as-brick butter to soften in order to spread it on your toast. If you have this heated butter knife, it will just slice through any cold spread like… Well, butter.

7. The ultimate outdoor cooler

This very cool party cooler is complete with a bottle opener, a blender for your cocktails and a smartphone charger. Nice, huh?

8. A big, cushioned carabiner

Carabiners were invented and intended for use in outdoor sports, specifically mountain sports like rockclimbing. However, this big cushioned carabiner can be used to carry many bags while you’re shopping. Clever.

9. USB rechargeable batteries

Instead of bringing bulky battery chargers everywhere you go, why not try these USB-rechargeable batteries? It’s light and handy option.

10. A book holder that holds pages

A book holder is a very nifty invention in itself, but adding holder pegs is a bright idea. Another great invention to hold down your pages with one hand is this thumb device. No wind will ever spoil your outdoor reading from now on.


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11. A pen that writes in any color

This high-tech pen may likely belong to the movie “Back to the Future”, but here it is. It scans any color and writes or doodles in the scanned color.

12. USB power sockets

Need we say more? With mobile devices using USB connection, you can plug and recharge them in this socket without any hassle.

13. Indoor slippers with night lights

No more stepping on your kid’s Lego bricks or your cat or dog when walking in a dark house. Wearing these slippers with headlights will get you from your bed to your fridge safely for a nice midnight snack.

14. The self-cleaning hair brush

A removable rubber base at the base of the brush bristles will let you remove comb hair easily.

15. Keychain GPS

No more lost keys when you use this tiny keychain GPS to find your misplaced keys. Just attach it to your wallet, keys or phone and track them using your PC or laptop.

16. Salon ear protectors

This simple little device helps protect your ears from a hot curling iron or an accidental nip at the salon.

17. Mugs with tea bag holder

This is handy for all the tea drinkers out there. You can save your tea bag in the holder and still use the tea bag a second time. It will not drip and will not leave tea stains on your table.

18. A glow-in-the-dark toilet rim

No more missed targets during your midnight pee run to the toilet. This will keep things clean and tidy.

19. Toilet drinking bowl for pets

If your pets have a habit of drinking from your toilet bowl, have them trained to drink in this toilet-shaped drinking bowl instead. The next time your pet licks your face, you’ll be sure that they drank from a clean toilet bowl of their own.

20. A solar-powered mobile charger

Wherever you go, you will not run out of mobile juice because you have the sun to power your device. No power outlets needed. Clean and unlimited power in the palm of your hand.

Now shut up and take our money!

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