17 Clever Food Hacks You Need to Try (Part 2)

This is the second installament of your favourite 17 Clever Food Hacks You Need to Try. It seems a lot of people on the internet today hate it when things are called a “hack” rather than just tricks or tips, but we’re gonna use it anyway. And although “haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate” (pardon for that), we thought of nothing that can explain this list better.

So here we go, more awesome hacks for your next food experiments. Some are meant for your healthy diet plans and some are meant to give you some easy tips. But they’re all awesome food hacks!

#1 Make cute pancakes with cookie cutters

These pancakes can be done in a breeze. First, make your usual pancake mix. Put them in an easy to dispense bottle. Position your cookie cutter in the pan and pour in the mix. These pancakes are very enticing for kids. But don’t underestimate their power; these pancakes can draw in even the adults.

SONY DSCImage Credit: AliceandtheMockTurtle

#2 Easy pancake pops

For another pancake related food hack, position your pancakes in the pan and make spaces for the stick later. Then put in the sticks after they’ve cooked a bit. Turn your pancakes around to cook the other side. You might want to use a wooden pop stick equivalent. Serve with your favourite syrup and enjoy!

84062812Image Credit: Don’tPoketheBear


#3 Keep ice cream soft by zip-locking it

Putting ice cream in the freezer may make it super hard the next day. It bends spoons and it keeps you from enjoying it right away. Instead, hack your ice cream by putting the tub in a zip lock bag. This way, it will stay cold but will also be soft and easy to eat the next day.

18cq5nsde2ml5jpgImage Credit: Lifehacker

#4 Cheesy bread

Prepare your loaf of bread, cutting it into squares without reaching the bottom. Cut cheese into same size as the bread squares. Insert the cheese in between the bread cuts. Include other toppings if you want. Our favourite? Bacon bits!

pull-apart-bread9Image Credit: Handimania

#5 Perfect BLT

The perfect BLT is one which gives you bacon with every bite, not just in the middle. And the best way to do this is to cook bacon weaved together, forming a perfect square. This will fit your sandwich perfectly! Cook it and place it on your sandwich for the perfect BLT.

PerfectBLT-76259Image Credit: LOLSnaps

#6 Use a waffle iron to make hash browns

Hash browns made in a waffle iron keeps both sides of your hash brown crunchy. Prepare your hash brown mix. Preheat your waffle iron and grease it with butter. Pile the hash brown mix in the waffle iron and press the lid. Cook for 7 minutes or until golden brown. And it’s done!

waffle-iron-hash-brown-method-@madefrompinterest.net_Image Credit: MAdeFromPinterest

#7 Try this awesome pastry hack

Pastry folding is an art. It takes creativity to make your own pastry designs. However, if you follow the pictures below, you can do everything from scratch. Start with a pastry square, do some quick cutting, a few folds, bake and voila! Everybody will be impressed by your baking prowess.

53345783679e5Image Credits: emlii

#8 Put pancake mix in empty mayo bottles

Pouring pancake mix from a bowl is a pain! Putting it in easy-to-dispense bottles will help you focus on other things while squeezing out the perfect pancake. It also helps lessen the mess. Ketchup and dressing bottles are good options.

Make-a-Pancake-Mix-Container-from-Recycled-Ketchup-Bottle-IntroImage Credit: WikiHOw

#9 Use bananas instead of eggs in cookies

Bananas can replace eggs, that’s a fact! Banana, like egg, can add flavour, moisture, texture and height to your baked products. This is advantageous for vegans, people who are allergic to eggs or who have a cholesterol restricted diet. For every one egg, you can use one quarter cup of mashed banana. Prepare the mix as usual. It is good for cookies but it may take a little extra time for cakes to rise when bananas are used.

banana-vs-eggImage Credit: Mooshworld

#10 Try this awesome chocolate bowl

Instead of using any old bowl, you can try make this ingenious and edible bowl for your desserts. It’s very easy and is a very awesome way to decorate your dessert bowl. You’ll need your chocolate moulding compound, a tray, bowls, balloons and non-stick spray.

Blow up balloons to the desired size. A cup sized one is recommended although you can make bigger ones. Spray the bottom part with non-stick spray. Melt your chocolate. Let it cool off for a minutes so it doesn’t burst the balloon. Put it in a bowl and dip the balloon. Dip and redip for a more solid coat. Place them on heavy weight dipping sheets (glossy side) or on waxed line trays.

The settling chocolate will make a flat bottom. Let it harden in the fridge if it fits. After it’s set, deflate the balloons and slowly peel it. Picture below.

DIY-Chocolate-BowlsImage Credit: ViralScape

#11 Freeze gummy bears in sprite for a gummy Popsicle

Hot weather coming your way? These popsicles are a cool treat. Like the usual popsicle, prepare your holders. Pour in the sprite, add in your favourite gummy bears and stick this in the freezer. When hot weather comes along, take out this colourful treat and enjoy.

gummy-bear-popsicles-1Image Credits: Makezine

#12 Make this easy frozen yogurt on a stick

Love the healthiness of yogurt? Well you can now have them frozen and on sticks! It’s as simple as buying your favourite yogurt, sticking a popsicle stick in its cover, freeze it and enjoy it after. Think you can do this?

fc61bdf8-fa04-4606-a7be-c4f564231aceImage Credit: Trusper

#13 Peel oranges easily

You’ve been peeling oranges the wrong way all along! Cut a small slice at the top and the bottom of the orange. Then cut another slit down one side. Unroll your orange and its ready to eat in an awesome row! Check it out.

Oranges-SeparatedImage credit: JewelPie

#14 Grill fish over lemon

Grill your fish over slices of lemon. This will add some flavour to your fish plus it helps avoid fish sticking to the grill.

15194500943Image Credit: MotherHuddle

#15 Make some chocolate dipped banana pops

Love bananas? How about putting a twist on them from time to time? Dip your bananas in some melted chocolate. Sprinkle them with your favourite sprinkles i.e. you can use almonds, nuts, candy sprinkles, etc. Prop them up; put them in the fridge to set. Then eat right away.

For a healthy option, use dark chocolate.

DSC_8662.2Image Credit: Whateversleft

#16 Cook eggs in tomatoes/bell peppers

Want your eggs nicely done? Use your tomatoes or bell pepper to shape them in the pan. Go get some big sized tomatoes or bell peppers. Onion rings are a good option as well.17fwy8veelxxsjpgImage Credit: Lifehacker

#17 Easy ice cream sandwich

This one is super easy and amazing! Get two of your favourite cookies. Get your favourite ice cream too. Cut a thin part; put it in between your cookies and it’s ready to be eaten!

hmckxpfImage Credit: OnceUponASpice

* * *

We’re definitely going to have a third Food Hack post. You might see something like this in the next one:

MacAndCheeseBaconWeaveTaco1BaconWeaveTaco3111 Image Credit: Dudefoods

Yes, it’s a bacon taco. Your argument is invalid.


Bacon and sweets are all unhealthy. So, if by any chance you’ve been compelled by this article to eat some then get up and do some exercise after (and do it every day). Or eat these kinds of foods sparingly.

Sincerely yours, Bacon.

Have a great day!


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