17 Ugly Fashion Pieces You Should Never Be Caught Wearing

What’s your greatest fashion faux pas?

All your life you’ve been bullied to wear something that is on trend but you thought to be hideous all the while. Guilty? Check our list to see how many fashion felonies you have committed.

Note: Fashion is always debatable, however, this list is based on several surveys from various Fashion authorities.

#1 Low Slung Trousers

Have you by any chance been watching TV or surfing the net and happened upon a picture of Justin Beiber? Well, a friend of mine once asked me after seeing JB in the news, “If you got the chance to meet him, what would you do?” I said I’d pull his pants or trousers up, and tighten his belt because there is nothing as annoying as these low slung trousers (she expected me to say “get his autograph”). The Telegraph has labeled this fashion trend as an epidemic or phenomenon. And yes, it’s an epidemic we surely want to wipe out after Ebola.

low slungphoto: Ehsan

Sorry if you’ve been doing this, but these two just do not go together. The point of wearing sandals is for the feet to feel cool, so why wear the socks? The socks defeats the purpose of the sandals plus it creates a hideous fashion statement. Well, okay, I must admit this practice has come a long way; Romans were found to use socks with their sandals. Next time you get to argue with your Uncle or your Dad about this, just site the Jurassic, er… Historic Roman reference.

socks and sandalsphoto: Kristin Solias

Bumbags are practical options when travelling. However, don’t let its functionality sidetrack you. Why not have a purse or a backpack instead? This 80’s trend is trying to make a comeback, but believe me, no matter how expensive your bumbag is, it will never ever make you stylish.

bum_bagphoto: championupnorth

#4 Bubble Skirt

I must admit, I have worn a bubble skirt once and felt like I was the most fashionable person in the room. Years ago it was so trendy, now it has been voted as the worst fashion faux pas. They may have been trendy back in the 50’s but not anymore.

bubble skirtphoto: Maegan Tintari

 #5 Platform Flipflops

I’ve never been tempted to buy or wear platform flip-flops no matter how crazed many are for this. They’re literally everywhere from beaches to malls to park strolls. Plus these platform flip flops may spell disaster because they have no ankle support, look what happened to Snooki here.


 photo: blogcdn

 #6 Ruffled Salsa Tops

Well, they’re certainly a thing of the past. Salsa tops should be contained to the dance floors alone.


#7 Shellsuit

This one speaks for itself… It’s a good thing that shellsuit fame stayed in the 80’s.

sheel suitphoto: MSN

#8 Velour Tracksuits

The fashion faux pas survey never misses to put velour tracksuits on the list. In fact, velour is now so out of fashion that Juicy Couture, a major supplier of expensive velour track suits rocked by Britney Spears, has closed its US stores.

velour tracksuitphoto: fragrantica

#9 Leg Warmers

Back in the 80’s, everything needed to be paired with leg warmers; even sky high heels! With flipflops. With a workout outfit. Even in hot weather. Well, fashion need sacrifices. Jane Fonda pulled it off back then, but let’s leave it at that.

leg warmers

photo: bp

#10 High Heeled Jelly Shoes

Flat jelly shoes by themselves are awful enough, why in the love of shoes would you add a heel to it? Jelly shoes are lightweight and a bit comfy, but this whisks you out of the fashion scene right after you lock that strap. Judge it for yourself below.


photo: topvogue.net

#11  Dungarees

I must admit, I like the dungarees look but I’ve never had the courage to wear one. It’s tough and casual and lean but not too tight. However, the survey from The Mailbox Mall in Birmingham put dungarees in 7th place among fashion faux pas. Nuff said.

heidiphoto: fashioneditoratlarge

#12 Polyester High-waist Bell bottom

Bell bottoms are a thing of the past (although we spot many celebs still sporting them). However, bell bottoms that are high-waisted and made from polyester are a sore in the eyes of fashion.



photo: rustyzipper

#13 Union Jack Shorts

Again from the Mailbox Mall survey, Union Jack shorts were considered a no-no by many. There are some acceptable versions of these shorts, however, corny and overused versions is wha gave this piece a place on this list. Nationalism gone too far?

union Jack shortsphoto: Theen Moy


#14 Rah Rah Skirt

There’s a reason why the rah rah skirt is included in this list and that is it should have stayed with cheerleaders fashion or in the 80’s. Uhm, what’s with 80s? It seems that most of the fashion faux pas were revived from that decade…

ra ra

photo: Pinterest

#15 Crocs

Crocs have been a long time internet joke. Even the company itself acknowledged that the shoe was most noteable as being “ugly footwear”. And it seems that everyone hates crocs although you can always find a set of avid fans too. One thing positive about it is it’s comfortable, but as this blogger put it, its large, chunky and distasteful.

crocsphoto: Richard Masoner

#16 Stirrup Pants

I remember my mom used to sport this kind of fashion staple back in the 90’s. One thing that bugged me since then is what is that piece of band under the ankle actually for? Well, this was initially patterned from the pants of horse riders… Still doesn’t make sense to me!

stirrup pantsphoto: liketotally80s

#17 Platform Sneakers

You may try to rehash this trend to remember the Spice Girls and the 90’s but it isn’t meant to be worn everyday nor in public. Check this photo from Glamour (nice try Glamour for the eye strip cover, as if we won’t recognize Baby and Ginger Spice in those shoes).



Again, fashion is debatable. You may find some of the things here a staple of your everyday outfit, and I can’t blame you for that. But for those who seek the advice, check on the net from time to time. Don’t rely on celebs, they may be the model of high end fashion and style but most of them commit even worse fashion faux pas than us, regular people. What’s the ugliest fashion piece you have ever worn?

Featured image: Loredana Lavino



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