15 Examples of the Internet of Things Going Crazy

At first, I doubt it if I’ll ever complete a list of things that gives “Internet of Things” or IoT a bad name or a crazy hint to it. But after reading a headline related to it, I cracked up laughing and decided to write this. The headline from houzz.com is, “On the internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Lamp”.

If you found that funny enough, then we have the same off-bit sense of humour. Well, anyway, here’s to the growing IoT industry and how it includes more and more devices in its crazy list.

Digital Presence in Everything

In the past decade we could barely comprehend how to communicate with people across the world without a staggering phone bill. Now at a sudden turn and shift of the century, everything in our life is focused on the internet.

And in another shift, everything started having internet capabilities. Phones, TV’s and cameras. Now, we will be having light bulbs, thermostat and refrigerators connected to the internet. And whether we admit it or not, it will help us in so many ways like the technologies below:

1. Smart thermostats that can forecast weather and adjust the temperature for you and save you utility bills.

2. Electrical outlets that allow you to turn devices on and off via the internet. No more worrying over forgetting to turn off the oven and it will help conserve energy.

3. Web enabled lights that can turn different hues and turns off when no one is in the room.

4. Water pipe bursting sensor detector which automatically sends you an email or a text.

These and many other techs can be helpful but some can be a bit crazy. And whether we admit it or not, we just love reading and hearing crazy stories so here we go! Take note, most of these were patented already and some are even available for you to purchase too.

 1. Internet and Toilets


Of course we understand the motion deactivated toilets but what about being able to close and open the toilet lid with the internet? And if you forgot to flush, just ask your phone to do it. Are we really that lazy? Now, imagine hackers getting in the way of your toilet peace. The lids close and open when you don’t mean it too. OR somebody blasted a stream of water not on your buttocks but in your face since they hijacked your home or your company’s toilet internet system.

There is nothing wrong with little convenience but everybody should be leaving toilet use in peace.

Crazy Level: Medium

2. Internet and Keys


You may find sometime that losing keys is very much a hassle. They’re too small to find but too big to fit in little places. But would it be too much to get it connected to the internet and just rely on a Smartphone app to find it?

It’s surely is an innovation but why not try to improve memory instead or focus on life instead of gadgets?

Crazy Level: Low

3. Internet and the Air


Living in a city entails consequences. So if you have the ability and the technology to check the pollution in the air outside your home, would you? Chances are there are two scenarios on this. One, you will avoid getting out of your house to avoid the pollution. Or two, you’ll employ another IoT related device to clear the air. Kidding, there’s nothing like it yet. Of course it’s useful among chemical plants, but that’s another story.

So instead, why not be little environmentalist ourselves? Instead of monitoring the air that you breathe, why not make little moves like planting trees or using less polluting fuels?

Crazy Level: High

4. Internet and Light Bulbs

light bulb

Light bulbs that change colour and turn on and off at the click of your phone is pretty neat if I may say. However, the crazy thing about it is its price. Would you fork out $100 for a disposable bulb?

Crazy Level: Low

5. Internet and Coffee


Imagine waking up every morning and having your coffee brewed already. It brewed because it knew you were waking up. Or you can have it brewing from upstairs through your iPhone app. Or you can start brewing your neighbour’s coffee in the evening if you feel like it. Brewing coffee via internet has endless possibilities.

But it’s crazy! I would have had wanted my coffee perfect and with a touch of human effort, not a hint of any IP address making it.

Crazy Level: Medium

6. Internet and your Child


Recently, a patent for a GPS tracking device that can be embedded in young children has been recorded. It has the capability to charge through body kinaesthetic and can track one’s child.

It’s obviously good at first look however it sounds like doomsday when you really think about it, what if hackers get hold of your child’s tracking device? Won’t any foreign substance, no matter how medically checked, can also have some health implications later? In the long term, everything starts sounding creepy already.

Crazy Level: High

7. Internet and your Heart


A band aid like monitor that can monitor one’s heartbeat has been developed by Corventis. Another thing to it is it doesn’t require manual monitoring; it can be accessed via the internet. It is FDA approved but it’s still quite eerie to have some people monitor your heart and breathing from afar.

Crazy Level: Medium

8. Internet and Diapers


Internet and sensor enabled diapers can now start sending parents the SMS signal once it needs changing. It sounds good but what happen to the old mother-daughter physical contact?

Crazy Level: Low

9. Internet and Breathalyzer


Just a while ago, I asked myself, “Who needs a twitter in their refrigerator?” Well, thing is, there can be crazier than that. And it can be with one’s breathalyzer. A breathalyzer prototype has been developed to tweet a user’s blood alcohol level on their Twitter account. That’s a whole new way of digital sharing/shaming! Anyway, it can be a good way to stop drunk drivers in repeated offense.

Crazy Level: Low

10. Internet and Shoes


There are shoes that can talk to the wearer. Plus these shoes can tell you if you have been standing too long. And it can be present in social media as well.

It’s “no thanks” though. I can still tell if I have been standing too long and I don’t want to tell the world about my feet concern. So no smart shoes, I’m not up for it.

Crazy Level: Low

11. Internet and Christmas tree


In an invention dubbed as the lonely Christmas tree, the tree will start giving signals and will light up when an owner receives emails or notifications from Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks.

Well, this sounds interesting but what if you got no mail or notification, will I forever have a tree minus the lights?

Crazy Level: Low

12. Internet and Mirrors

Morning Eyliner I

What can this do? Apply makeup virtually or Photoshop my face right in my reflection? NO? Well, this can act like a giant tablet that has a peripheral sensor pads. IT has endless possibilities but I got an exact, non-digital mirror that tells me that I need extra sleep and another digital one would be crazy.

Crazy Level: Low

13. Internet and Trash Cans

trash canHow about a trash monitoring sensor and camera? What about having your trash posted in Facebook? This can prompt other people to recycle more according to the study but what about the idiom “washing your laundry in public”?

Crazy Level: Medium

14. Internet and Jerseys


Well, here’s the deal. You going to watch a football? You can get the updates in a more realistic way while watching. There is this jersey that monitors activity of the players in the field and will vibrate once the players of the team are tackled.

Crazy Level: Medium

15. Internet and Shared Heartbeat


Well, did you know that there is a pillow that you can share with your significant other even when you’re far apart? There is this device that connects your pulse beat to your SO’s pillow making him or her know if you’re still breathing (or if you’re sharing that pillow with another).

 Crazy Level: High to the Nth Degree

And to think these mentioned things were just a fraction of available internet enabled devices! In the near future, we will be adding more of this, so stay tuned.

image credits:

Woman in mirror: André Benedix , woman sleeping: André Benedix, shoes: Luke Ma, breathalyzer: Bill Alldredge, baby in diaper: Micah Taylor, bulb: Johan Hansson, xmas tree: Gray Lensman QX!, jersey: muzo178, trash can: m01229, keys: Christian Schnettelker, toilet: Klaus Friese, smoke: Roger, heart beat: Ilya Sedykh , coffee: jenny downing, colourful girl: AngelsWings all via flickr

 featured image: deathtostockphoto


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