15 Chicken Recipes for Picky Eaters

Picky eaters, kids and adults alike, choose the food they eat in a different way. What many people love to eat isn’t always something that picky eaters would choose.

Often, picky eating is experienced by kids and known as Selective Eating Disorder. Kids may overcome it with age. But some adults may not outgrew the condition and still restrict foods they consume or avoid certain foods during their adult stage. Another reason is, some people just don’t like the way the food is cooked, the way it’s presented or is prepared. Some picky eaters may even avoid a certain food ingredient.

But this isn’t about picky eating, rather it’s all about sumptuous chicken recipes that even picky eaters will eat!


Mini Waffles and Chicken

This one is a good snack choice for your kids. Simply cut chicken pieces into small bite size pieces and coat with favorite coating and deep fry. For the waffles, do it grilled in the same small size. Top the waffle with the bite sized chicken. OR you can do the inviting presentation in the picture below.

waffle and chickenPhoto: Spoonful

Chicken Mac and Cheese

Nothing beats the chicken Mac and cheese in enticing picky eaters. Simply bake the pasta with a dollop of parmesan or cheddar cheese. Add in the already cooked bite size chicken pieces and bake. Add in your usual ingredients and you’re done. The yellow color will never fail to perk up the interest of picky eater. And the taste itself will make it your usual favorite.

chicken mac and cheesephoto: myrecipes

Chicken Apple Burger

Just by looking at the picture, one bite will complete you. Simply cut your apple crosswise from the center. One to two slices will be good for one hamburger. Get some pieces from the apple slices to shred. Use the shredded apple to mix with the chicken patty mixture and all other ingredients. Shape the patty and ready the grill. Grill the chicken until cooked, put it in the burger buns, adds in the apple rings and put in some cranberry sauce.

chicken-apple-burgerphoto: Amy Kalyn Sims

Tex-Mex Chicken Quesadilla

Another Mexican inspired recipe in the list, this chicken quesadilla is easy to do. Simply divide chicken, cheese, jalapeno (amount is optional especially with kids), cilantro and green onion in the tortilla. Then fold. Toast quesadilla until cooked, cut in half and serve with salsa.

 Tex-Mex-Quesadillasphoto: kraftcanada

BBQ Chicken Kababs

Chicken kababs often looked sumptuous. All you have to do is to cut chicken into the right size for barbecue, marinate it with soy and green chillies and grill. Make a tangy dip for it based on your choice of sauce and serve with fries. Served with a refreshing coke and it’s an excellent snack with friends and family. But of course, as delightful as it is, it can be eaten alone. No regrets.

kabobsphoto: alli-n-son

Chicken Fingers

Nice and easy to prepare, debone the chicken and cut in finger-size pieces. Coat it with crumbs and batter and shallow fry it for a sinful delight. For healthier alternative, use olive oil. Serve it in a plate with salad at the sides and a mayo dip. It can be filling snack that can be grilled or baked too.

chicken fingers2photo: iowagirleats

Baked Chicken Fajitas

This Mexican recipe will get you to the dining table fast. Shred chicken, mix it with assorted veggies, add some spices and your done with the filling. Now roll the mix in Tortillas. Bake it and serve. Now that’s a sure way to tease your palates.

chicken fajitasphoto: chef-n-training

Chicken Fingers Wrapped in Bacon

Again, here’s another chicken and bacon recipe you sure won’t forgo. Who doesn’t like bacon anyway? (uhm, awkward but I’ve asked this already in another article talking about bacon!). Again, get those bite-sized chicken fingers (you can opt to rub some spices on the chicken) wrap it in bacon and bake, or fry.

chicken fingersphoto: cuckooking

Chicken Nachos

This Mexican recipe will again be good snack ideas for kids’ and adults alike. Simply make your usual nachos, top with baked, grilled or fried chicken shreds. And it’s done. You can adjust the taste and the flavor depending on your preference. Add some colourful ingredients to entice the kids.

chicken nachosphoto: pillsbury

Baked Parmesan Chicken Fries

Now, all you have to do to achieve this inviting recipe is to cut your chicken into fries size. Rub in some spices to taste, or a simple salt will do. Then dip in egg and sprinkled it with parmesan. Shallow or deep fry these chicken fries and serve with a yummy dip. Now, your kids won’t be able to say no to this finger foodie.

baked chicken parmesanphoto: simplyscratch

Chicken Yakisoba

Chicken yakisoba recipe is one way to make use of chicken leftovers. Just cook your usual noodle recipe and add in those chicken strips. Another best thing about this recipe is, you can sneak in veggies into it like broccoli, tomato and spring onion for the nutritional value and the colour. Serve in a bowl and use some chopsticks for authentic oriental feel of it.

chicken yakisobaphoto: budgetbytes

Chicken Pita

You don’t need to be proficient in cooking to make this one. Simply marinate the chicken breast for half an hour or leave it overnight. Grill the chicken, make the yogurt sauce and heat the pita bread in the grill. Add in some tomatoes, onion rings, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and some bacon as you stuff the bread with thinly sliced chicken. Pour in the sauce and fold up. Done!

chicken caesar pitasphoto: ohmygoodygoodness

Chicken Soup

This isn’t the packed-in-sachets chicken soup; you’ve got to do it at home. Do the recipe by adding in choice veggies, chicken pieces and spices in the broth. This will not only be good for the tummy but will soothe the soul, as old grandma always said. This soup is good for common colds too.

chicken soupphoto: theculinarylife

Chicken and Alfredo Shells

This cheesy and creamy recipe will surely have you begging for more. Simply cook the already shells as usual, sauté chicken and chop in small pieces, make the sauce of cream and garlic with the butter, parmesan, pepper and parsley and add in the cooked chicken. The scoop the sauce and the chicken and fill in the shells. Put in oiled muffin tin and broil. Again, sprinkle parmesan cheese and garnish with parsley. Done!

chicken alfredophoto: emilysrecipecollection

Crispy Chicken Cheddar

It’s chicken and it’s cheddar, now who wouldn’t finish a plate of that? Fry chicken in your desired size, just make it thin enough for easy cooking, dip in whatever it is that will make the coating later stick (egg is good option), sprinkle and let it roll in crumbs or any coating you want and deep fry. Then pour in the creamy cheddar cheese sauce and you’ll be unable to resist it.

 chicken cheddarphoto: jamiecooksitup

Picky eating often happens when there is no variety with everyday food. Sometimes kids may exhibit the attitude when they simply just get tired of the usual. Food presentation, for that matter, is important. And since everybody seemed to love chicken, it’s a good food ingredient for mothers to bank on. Chicken is such a flexible main ingredient and you can just make everything out of it. Plus it’s loaded with protein; it’s a healthy way to entice kids.

Another way to get to the healthy side is to choose the way you cook the recipes above. Alternative to frying includes grilling and baking, they use less or no oil at all. If oil is unavoidable, use a good quality olive oil instead.

featured image: Lady K



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