Being a parent is one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer, and it can also be one of the most challenging. When you have kids, you’ll love seeing them grow from a tiny babies to hyperactive kids. A kid’s growing years are full of curiosity and active play and you as a parent should be there to guide them and make sure to keep them safe. Kids will be kids, but thankfully we have some hacks to make parenting easier.


Use a laundry basket to keep your kid from slipping in the tub and to keep the toys within their reach.


If you’re going on a long trip with the kids, use a shoe caddy to hold toys in the car. This will make it easier for your kids to find the things they want to do while in the car. Plus, this will prevent boredom during a long trip.


Pacifiers keep babies calm and are very useful when they are teething. So it’s very important to keep them clean by washing them regularly and storing them in plastic packing especially when you’re traveling.


If your child wants to be close to you when they sleep, but you have to do something really important, why not make a DIY hammock using a blanket tied to the table. You can do the things you need to do on the table while your kids sleep soundly with their MacGyver hammock.


Adding glue to the soles of their shoes using a glue gun will add grip and prevent them from slipping on slippery floors.


To remove stubborn food stains on your kid’s clothes, mix hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and washing liquid.


Toys can be useful tools in making baby treats. You can use a Play-Doh confetti maker to make baby puff treats. Very nice.


To help soothe your baby’s gums when they are teething, freeze their pacifiers. It will be cold, but it will reduce the pain they feel in their gums.


Putting sprinkles on top of everything will make food and drinks more enticing for kids. This goes well with fruit juices or healthy smoothies.


Use old lotion containers as faucet extensions for your kids. You can attach this at the kitchen faucet or the bathroom sink faucet. Another MacGyver hack here!


Inflatable pools are not just for summer; they can make a good childproof play area.


Use a command hook to organize your baby bibs at the back of their high chair.


Make a cool fort by using a blanket and a simple box fan. The fort will always stay in shape and will not make the kids hot and sweaty.


Kids don’t like the taste of medicine. To make this experience less traumatic, cut a hole in a pacifier and stick a medicine dropper inside.


It can get really messy when kids eat in the car, especially when the family is travelling. To keep everything in place, you can use shower caddies to hold all the food they have.

Parenting won’t be so hard once you’ve tried these 15 easy hacks. If you have any more hacks in mind, let us know in the comments.

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