14 Mind Blowing Facebook Hacks

Well, to be honest, some of it may be pretty simple hacks for techies out there and for internet adept netizens, but for the commoners, these hacks can be pretty neat, and mind blowing.

To start with, let’s take a look first at how Facebook, the most popular social media to date started.

Facebook in a Capsule

Facebook started out as a simple venture of Marc Zuckerberg during his university days in Harvard (take note, he didn’t graduate from it). First launched in 2004, the Facebook was used to profile students and staff. Within 24 hours, 1200 Harvard students signed up while over half of the Harvard population had a profile on it after one month.

The network was then extended beyond Harvard to other Universities. In August 2005, facebook.com domain was bought and high schools began signing up. After that, Facebook became a worldwide phenomenon.

Having refused the offers of Google and Yahoo, Zuckerberg came to make profits merely from advertising revenues at first. Although as successful as it is now, Facebook and Zuckerberg faced a major setback in 2004 when brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoswho founded social networking site ConnectU, accused Zuckerberg of copying their ideas and coding (Zuckerberg worked for them then as computer programmer). In 2007, the cased was dismissed without a ruling.

Now, Facebook earns billions for itself and for other third party apps and developers. And since its launching, Facebook went into a series of overhaul and constructive development making it a worldwide popular social media network.

67% of internet users in the US are on Facebook while 82% from UK are on it. In this first quarter of 2014, Facebook had 1.28 billion monthly active users.

Some Facebook facts you may find entertaining


  1. Al Pacino was the face in the Facebook’s first logo. The mysterious face crafted in ones and zeros, was changed in 2007. (I admit, even though I love Al Pacino, I was at loss, I started Facebook in 2009).

    old facebook
    Yes, that’s Pacino in the upper left hand corner, and no that’s not him in the center, that’s Zuckerberg. photo:Niall Kennedy
  2. Zuckerberg’s family spent their own money to keep the website afloat. That first investment totalled at $85,000, now Zuckerberg is worth $19 billion. You can do the Math.
  3. 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check their Facebook account when they wake up and 28% even before going out of bed.
  4. Every day, users of Facebook are exposed to 1500 pieces of potential content.
  5. Facebook has over 70 different language choices.
  6. The Facebook engineers originally wanted to call the”like” button the “awesome” button. Awesome.
  7. Since Facebook was launched, it has150 billion friend connections, 1.13 trillion likes and 250 billion photos uploaded. (I take blame for the few hundreds of the photos.)
  8. When Facebook went public, its shares were valued at $38, this makes it worth $100 million at that time.

The 14 Promised Facebook Hacks

Well by now, you may not be impressed anymore of the promised hacks since you were mind blown already after reading about Zuckerberg’s wealth and how his gem of a company have brought the world together. But anyway, read on, you’ve gone this far. No turning back.

Finally, this 12 hacks or tricks (some you may know, some you may not know) are alternate on things for personal account and for page accounts. So here we go.

You can embed a post into your website

Now, how is this significant and how do you do this? Well, visitors can like your page right from the embedded post. This can be a good way to balloon your content likes or your page likes. To be able to do this, you click the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post. After that, go right to the bottom and click embed post.

capture 1

Copy the embed code and paste it in a post in your blog.

capture 02

As you can see, your readers can like your page right away. You can embed the post anywhere you like. Below, it has been embedded in a new post.


You can add it on your sidebar or footer too.You can use widgets to do it. Believe me, you can follow your whim for this trick.


But that sidebar and footer embedding would be too much hassle if you have to keep the embedded posts updated once you have new content to share in Facebook. But again, it’s your blog.

Schedule a post for your Facebook page

Post scheduling can be possible for both business and personal use. You can use it to draft a marketing pitch to be aired later or for tomorrow to save time. At the bottom of the new status update, you can click the clock symbol; choose the day and the time you want it to be published.

schedule posts

It can also be a way to make sure that you will be giving information you needed your audience to know tomorrow but won’t be able to due to connectivity problems since you will be in Mt. Everest the next morning.

Scheduling has lots of possibilities but it is most beneficial to business owners. One can even backdate a post for various purposes.

Know the best time to post

There is a time when most of your likers are online. This can be to your advantage since your posts or shared content will get the most audience and probably, better sharing tendency. Page insights can help with it. It has the ability to check at which time of the day most of your fans are online.

Target Posts to Specific Fans

For page administrators, there can be a hard way to share your content to the right audience but there can be an easy way too. For example, you may want to post a content which will interest audience who are in a relationship, or those who graduated from college or those who have the hobby of skiing, or those in a specific age bracket. There are lots of options for this. You need to pay though to boost your post.

boost post

Edit posts when you made a mistake

Posts can now undergo simple edition once you made mistake. No more deleting process. Click and voila, no more embarrassing typos and grammatical mistakes. You can do this by going to the post you want to edit, click at the upper right hand corner for the drop down, click edit.

edit post

You can manage your Pages through an App

You can download the Facebook Pages Manager App in ones phone. This may help administrators manage the pages through smart phones, tablets or iPad, minus the hassle of desk and computer work. Here’s a screenshot (just ignore the 31 apps that need updating).


Target Audience by Language

Sometimes you may have posts specific only to languages. Making sure that it reaches a wide audience of same specification, you can use the Target by Language option. But again, of course, post boosting and targeting may incur a little price. But it can be worth it.

target-streamscreenshot: allfacebook.com

You can track your Competitors Pages

Facebook now allows admins and pages to track competitor’s pages and track their likes. It’s right in the Admin Panel itself. You can track up to 5 pages to keep up with their progress.

ic-fig-15-fanpage-karma-dashboard-kp-overviewscreenshot: socialmediaexaminer.com

Highlight posts that you deem important

The usual update for Facebook may take a half of the page while the other column half (or more) is for the ads, the chat box and other miscellaneous like the likers, the photos posted, etc. You can high light posts though to make it occupy a larger space of the page. Or you can pin it to the top of the page.

 Hide Facebook Ads

Well, you can have ad blockers to stop the ads in your Facebook account. We must admit that the fourth of the page occupied by ads are quite annoying when they appear and reappear. Adblock is one app or ad on for browsers. Below, the part in the blue rectangle is used to be occupied by ads and other marketing pitches.


Opt out not to see a friends updates

You may not wish to unfriend somebody but sometimes it can be tiring when your friends describe their minute to minute venture and day to day activities. Unfollow a friend or choose not to receive his or her updates when they become annoying.

Download Whole Albums

You can pull tagged photos and albums from your friends through an app like Photograbber or add on like FacePAD. This will ensure that even if your friend decided to delete the photos or the album or their Facebook page, you will still get to have the souvenir copy of that awesome weekend.

download album

screenshot: maheinfo.blogspot.com



screenshot: technozan.com

Hide on Facebook Chat

Bear with me, this sounds evil thing to do, but can be pretty handy at times. Well you all probably know how to stay out of touch from Facebook’s chat. You can choose friends who can see you online or shut some people out of your chat world. However, another thing came when the new Facebook “seen” option can make people see if you have read their message or not even if you appeared offline. Awkwardness may ensue, like this here:

unnamedscreenshot: chrome.google.com

So you’re caught in the act and need to say “hi” right away.

However, a Chrome add-on can help you elude that Facebook feature. FB unseen is the name. And you can read your FB messages without the sender seeing the “seen” word at the bottom of their message.

Download your Facebook Data

So have you decided to migrate to Tibet and close down your Facebook account for real? You can still manage to hold on to the accumulated life information you amassed during your 7-year stay in Facebook, download everything. This can include your posts, your photos, messages and all the IP address that are logged when you logged into Facebook.



So there you go. Few of the known Facebook tricks to live through the changing times. Have you used any of them?


featured image: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid




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