14 Advanced Content Promotion Strategies

Content is king and here at xenlife we will never fail to remind you of that. But what happens after you have created content that has the ability to go viral? You share it of course. However, there are certain things one needs to do to make sure content is being promoted effectively.

There are many entry level content promotion strategies, however, companies that make breakthroughs invest in more advanced content promotion strategies. Some can be done for no cost at all (sharing efforts), others may require some courageon your behalf (contacting influencers) and others may require your money (paid discoveries).

The Advanced Strategies

1. Quote an Influencer

You can either quote an influencer through past content or you can contact him or her through email. Ask them politely if they can provide you their views on specific topics you will be writing about.

These influencers are available through Google search, through LinkedIn or through the Buzzstream feature that allows you to search for influencers for your niche. You can contact them through email, social media or if feasible, via phone.

After you published your content, you may contact the influencers and introduce your finished article. You can ask them to share your content across social media which will gain you exposure from their audience.

This strategy may help you establish yourself as an influencer in the same niche. Although you can’t expect every influencer to reply to you, there will always be a few who will be kind enough. This is a start.

Note: Outline your email pitch in such a way that it is polite and business-like, friendly but injected with the right amount of professionalism. Don’t impose and remember that many of these people are above you in experience.

2. Create Snippets for Social Sharing

These snippets should provide short but informative input from the great content you created. The goal of snippets is to catch audience attention and encourage them to click the link.

A snippet can be a variation of different lines from your content. You can try rephrasing the title, taking out short and powerful statements or quotes from the content itself, statistics you included in your content or a question you included at the beginning or at the end of the article.

3. Make use of Outbrain

Use Traffic Outbrain at the end of every useful article. This tool can compel readers into reading more of your content given that it’s embedded in the same niche that the readers are in. Outbrain helps content gain exposure by creating a “you might also like…” section at the end of the article. This tends to bring a decent amount of traffic and is a cheap way to gather a bigger audience.

4. Email your sources

So you’ve mentioned your influencers or your sources in your content. Another good way to get noticed is to email them and share with them your article. Pitch them another polite email. What will you include in your email?

  • a sentence about your content
  • include the content link
  • the link to their content you used as a source
  • a polite implication that you would appreciate it if they shared the content.

5. Connect with people who share similar content

Follow people who share content like yours. Or follow and connect with people who have used the same influencer that you used as a source. Interact with them. Try to get them interested in your content. There is a high probability that their audience will enjoy your content too.

6. Make a slide out of your content

Sometimes, when I can’t find a resource I’m looking for in regular search engine queries, I go to my second option: search on slide decks. Slide decks as a form of content distribution also have a huge audience. Slideshare, a slide deck sharing site, has millions of unique visitors every week. Using Slideshare as a promotional platform can target a potential audience group that may not have accessed your video, your .pdf or your post.

7. Convert content to .pdf for downloads

Create pdfs and upload them to various pdf sites. Aside from exposure to audiences of these pdf sites, it also allows you to get a few links here and there.

8. Link your new posts within your most popular content

Linking your new post within your popular content will help it gain additional audience numbers. You can do this by linking the new content within the text, let it appear in the ‘related content’ area or feature it on the sidebar where it will be attention-grabbing and easily seen.

9. Submit your content to content communities

Content community sites are often hard to penetrate if your content is not outstanding. However, since you are into these advanced promotional strategies, we will assume that you have one or a few great pieces of content in mind.

There are many communities that will accept your content and will give it exposure which will of course generate more traffic.

10. Try making a video out of the content

Getting your content out to readers is one market, but getting your content out to video viewers is another market entirely. However, both share one way of learning or understanding; through visuals. Youtube and Vimeo are two great platforms to get your video content exposed and maybe even viral.

These days, video is getting good exposure in search engines. More and more people are watching videos repurposed from written content.

11. Mention sources when sharing your content

When you have mentioned a source or have included a quote from somebody (whether from your niche or not) in your content, mention them or tag them. These people that you mentioned may feel inclinded to reshare your content to their own audience, especially if the content is good.

Again, there might be a big chance that they won’t reshare, but there’s no harm in trying. Especially if you’ve just started in this industry, you will realize that it takes time to build a name.

12. Use flipboard for exposure

Flipboard is being used by everybody, including Huffington Post, in the content business. It’s a visual way of sharing content. Given that you have a specific and targeted niche, your content can generate reader attraction in this beautiful, magazine-like presentation.

Flipboard can be downloaded as an app for mobiles and tablets or be installed as a bookmarklet for Google Chrome.

13. Create promotion strategies for tablets and mobiles

Tablets and mobiles are the two biggest forces behind internet connectivity today. In no time at all, the number of people who own these devices will outnumber those who predominantly use PCs and laptops. A survey estimates that by 2015, internet access through mobiles will be a greater occurence than internet access through PCs.

If this doesn’t get you moving towards mobile platforms, then I don’t know what will. Here are our tips to start:

  • First, tailor your website for a good mobile experience.
  • Design your content so that it is multi-person and multi-gadget friendly.
  • Create visual accompaniment for your content

14. Make use of stumbleupon’s paid discovery

Here at XenLife, we love Stumbleupon. It has generated hundred of thousands of our audience members these past few weeks. But take note, it’s not paid yet, we’ve just been lucky to land some viral, list-oriented posts.


If you can generate and facilitate an organic audience from any of these strategies, then imagine what paid discovery can give you. It’s a cheap and rewarding way to promote content.

featured image: Be-Younger.com


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