13 Things Science Can’t Explain

We all love mysteries! The more unexplainable the mystery is, the more it tickles our imaginations. We were always bewildered by questions like, what happened to Amelia Earhart? Is time travel for real? How was Stonehenge built? And finally, why is bacon only acceptable for breakfast and not for lunch and dinner? Kidding, the last one’s not a mystery at all. Bacon is acceptable any time.

Bacon aside, these mysteries range from simple phenomenons, to unexplained objects and events, to unreadable texts and confounding discoveries. All of these occurences seem not to have scientific explanations (which we rely on heavily these days) but instead are explained by theories (which can sometimes be pretty wild).

So here we go, some things science can’t fully explain:

#1 The Voynich Manuscript

Beinecke_DL_2002046-178Image Credit: CystalLinks

The famed and mind-boggling Voynich Manuscript contains 170, 000 characters in its 246 pages. It is also filled with illustrations. The script used was unintelligible or something of unknown origin. When the manuscript was carbon dated by the University of Arizona, it was found to have been created circa 1404-1438.

From then on, experts have been unable to decipher the text alongside the botanical illustrations. Some have suggested that this is a medical book. Other says that it’s a book of alchemy. Others claim it’s a book that carries secret messages.

#2 The Baigong Pipes

The Baigong PipesPhoto Credit: NationalParkLover

The Baigong Pipes are structures resembling walls of pipes, found at Mount Baigong in China. What puzzled experts was that these pipes are buried deep in ancient rock caves and are made of an unusual 30% silicon dioxide and iron. It is believed to be centuries old. If this was created by ancient people, then experts say they may have needed a sophisticated and advanced drilling system which wouldn’t have been possible in the locality at that time. These pipes range from toothpick sized to very large sized and they extended to the nearby lake wherein others are seen above the surface while others are buried in the lakes bed.

Chinese scientists have been sent to study the structure but its origin and its explanation hasn’t been uncovered yet. Some theories include that the structure might be an extraterrestrial development.

#3 Costa Rica’s Giant Stone Balls

The-Stone-Spheres-Of-Costa-RicaPhoto Credit: Top10

The Costa Rican stone balls are as mysterious as the Stonehenge itself. These balls are perfectly shaped and range from small spheres up to 8 feet in size. These balls are smooth and seem to be unmatched to the crude tools of the ancient inhabitants of Costa Rica. Plus the balls are found scattered across several villages and hills which makes moving them from a stone source almost impossible.

At this moment, these great stone balls are said to be of religious or astronomical relevance. However, this theory remains to be proved.

#4 The Bloop

 bloop-logoPhoto Credit: Bloop

Back in 2007, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration detected a powerful sound underwater. The sound was similar to marine animals, based on analysis of the frequency produced. However, “the Bloop” was said to be far louder than that of a whale or any other animal noise. This obviously posed the question: what creature could possibly create such a big noise? A much bigger animal? Or was it a natural phenomenon like iceberg disintegration? We can speculate, but we may never know.

#5 Placebo

WYIN_Packshot Photo Credit: PlaceboWorld

The placebo effect is one of the most widely talked about but barely understood aspects of medical science. It is the tendency of medication and treatment improving a condition simply because the patient believes it works. Placebo effect is usually recorded when these treatments are passed up by professionals as a real medication even if it’s actually inert and ineffective. They are inactive drugs with no therapeutic benefits. However, placebos have demonstrated effects of pain relief among patients. Several studies were conducted to trim down placebo susceptibility based on age and gender (among other factors) but there is no definite answer that has been found.

#6 Jerry Ehman and the Wow Signal

Wow! Big Ear never heard it againImage Credit: Dispatch

In 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman discovered a sequence of characters in a print out from Ohio State university’s radio telescope that listens to signals from deep space. The six characters stood out in a sequence of 6EQUJ5. Ehman circled it and wrote “Wow!” on the print out, thus its name. This signal is in perfect bell curve, and has an intense signal strength which is said to be a candidate of strong radio transmission from aliens. The space where the telescope was pointed at that exact moment was said to be empty space, with no close stars and other radio sources which could have had emitted the signal.

It has tantalized the astronomical world since this kind of frequency isn’t allowed to be transmitted on earth. So what could it possibly be from? Up to now, this signal that came from the direction of Sagittarius was unexplainable by science, although, extraterrestrial beings are the most plausible answer to the question of who transmitted the frequency.

#7 A Tomato has more Genes than a Human


Photo Credit: GrowingMatch

Tomatoes have 31, 760 genes which is 7,000 more than human beings. This C-value paradox has had scientists glued to their lab desks for a long time.

#8 Pollock sisters

6-The-Pollock-TwinsPhoto Credit: ViralNova

In 1957, sisters Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock were killed in a vehicle accident. Of course, this made their parents grieve deeply. A year later, Mrs Pollock gave birth to twins Jennifer and Gillian. Jennifer was discovered to have the same birthmarks as Jacqueline. The mystery then becomes more confusing when, one day, the twins asked their parents for toys belonging to the girls who died although they had no prior knowledge of these toys. Another thing to build up the reincarnation theory is the twins requested to visit a park they also had no prior knowledge of (but which both of the deceased girls had been t0). So what’s the probable scientific explanation for this? Coincidence? I think not!

#9 Cocaine and Tobacco from Mummies

mummyPhoto Credit: WashingtonPost

In 1992, when German scientists were testing Egyptian mummies, they found remnants of tobacco, hashish and cocaine. These were found in their bones, skin and hair. This seemed not to be too appalling but scientists later realized these things were not found in the ancient world at that time and in that area. Tobacco and cocaine were grown in the Americas in pre-Columbian times and there were no known trades between these groups. So, how could you possibly explain this?

#10 Fred Valentich

frederick-valentich-the-australianPhoto Credit: Magonia

Fred Valentich was an Australian pilot. In 1978, he flew a Cessna 182L aircraft for a training flight. However, during this flight, Valentich radioed air traffic control in Melbourne, stating that there was an aircraft above him and his engine was behaving strangely. Later he said it wasn’t an aircraft. The unidentified flying object was moving at a high speed and orbiting above him. After that, there were metallic scraping sounds and Valentich was never to be found again, even after a wide search and rescue operation was conducted.

What did Valentich see? Was it a real UFO sighting? Or did he stage everything? Well, the mystery continues.

#11 Nazca lines

tumblr_ne7uvia8fX1sn2xaro2_500Photo Credit: Tumblr

For years, the Nazca lines have baffled the world of science. They are composed of ancient hieroglyphs in the Nazca dessert in Peru. There are various designs, some encompassing 270m of space. They feature zoomorphic designs, human figures,  geometric figures and other designs. There are also no specific and known reasons for the significance of each design. For years the lines were preserved due to the dry and windless weather in the state. These lines were first spotted in 1553. To this day, the purpose of these lines baffles many.

#12 Stonehenge

landscapes stonehenge pagan 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_65

Photo Credit: Knowldgehi

If someone mentions a mythical and mind boggling structure, they’re probably talking about Stonehenge. It was built 5000 years ago and serves as a monument of an unknown purpose. It is found in Salisbury, England and has a complex origin. What baffles many is that the biggest of the stones weighs 25 tons, making lifting the piece an impossible feat for an ancient civilization with no sophisticated lifting machines.

Despite massive amounts of research, it seems that Stonehenge will remain a mystery.

#13 Sacsayhuaman

SacsayhuamanPhoto Credit: lugaresquever

Sacsayhuaman is a simple wall structure surrounding a complex in Peru. It made use of massive stones which are among the largest used in pre-Hispanic America. The stones were placed with precision which is what makes this a mystery. The blocks have rounded corners, and the design of their interlocking has helped the structure survive earthquakes. But how did they choose the exact stones to fit each other. Theories have been suggested as to how it was built and its purpose, but it all seems to be speculation.

Do you know of any other mysteries science can’t explain? Let us know, leave a comment below!


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