13 Most Bizarre Trends this Year

Every year we’re in for new bizarre and entertaining trends. Some are harder to stomach than others but most are funny. Thanks to the state of social media in 2015, even the smallest trend can go viral and reach the other side of the planet.

Check out the wackiest trends of this year:

#1 Eyeball tattooing

Everyone wants to see what they’d look like with different coloured eyes. But have you ever heard of people going to such great lengths as to tattoo the iris of their eyes? This totally bizarre trend has people injecting permanent pigmentation into their eyeballs to achieve their desired colour.

Traditional corneal tattoos alter the corneal appearance to counteract eye disease. This year, however, it’s for aesthetic purposes only. The process is a said to be a “painless” procedure. Pigment is injected directly into the eyeball where it sits under the thin top layer of the eyeball. One injection can cover a quarter of the eye, thus four injections may be needed to cover the entire iris.

#2 Armpit hair colouring

This trend supports the concept of positive body image and self-confidence. Even Miley Cyrus dyed her armpit hair pink to celebrate her body. The movement gives a nod to female empowerment. Now, YouTube is filled with tutorials on how to do it step by step from bleaching the hair to dyeing it to the crazy colour of your choice. It might seem a bit strange, but we can’t judge a good cause.

#PANK #dirtyhippie A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

#3 Shaving with peanut butter

Think peanut butter is just for your favourite PBJ sandwich? Well, think again. It turns out it’s a great shaving cream alternative! According to dermatologists, peanut butter has a moisturising effect thanks to the oily consistency. But of course, it’s a bit sticky and messy. Imagine having a shaving cream you can eat! Here’s a YouTuber showing us how it’s done!

#4 Sunburn art

This trend is as deadly as it sound. Beachgoers use sun tan lotion to create patterns on their skin. They then wait for the sun to do what the sun does best: burn! By leaving some parts of their body exposed to the sun, temporary patterns are created. This trend caught the attention of the medical community for obvious reasons. As we all know, sunburns may result in premature skin aging and may increase the risk of cancer. While it may look cool it should be avoided at all costs.


#5 Square and circle-headed dog grooming

Dog owners certainly never run out of ideas for pet trends. Just imagine this new one where dogs have their hair groomed into a square or circle shape. This may look cute but it’s very strange! Imagine seeing dogs on the street with this hairdo:

#6 Clown contouring

Clown contouring is a very weird beauty trend. It all started when BellaDelune decided to strike back against her haters who called her a clown. The method made use of exaggerated application of highlights, shadows, and blush to make the face look like a clown’s. At first, it may look funny but when blended the result is one perfect and flawless face. Several versions of this have popped up all over the Internet. And if you have enough time in the morning to do it, go ahead!

Image Credit: Marie Claire
Image Credit: Marie Claire


#7 Granny hair

This trend received both positive and negative critics. Both men and women are embracing a new favourite hair colour: granny hair. Many hair stylists made this a glam trend and it allowed older people to embrace their natural grey locks. Bizarre or elegant?

#silver #silverhair #grey #greyhair #gray #grayhair #bow #lashes #girl #fashion #bun #messybun #hairstyle #grannyhair A photo posted by Lina Keserű ? (@linabitter) on

#8 Ear stapling

Ever heard of stomach stapling? It is commonly known as gastric banding, in which a soft and adjustable silicone band is placed around the top part of the stomach to create an upper pouch. This limits the volume of food consumed leading to weight loss. Stomach stapling has been tried and tested, but a newer trend that is said to aid in weight loss is ear stapling. This is said to be a less invasive alternative. The trick is inserting a staple in the inner cartilage of the ear to target a pressure point to supress the appetite. For two months, the wearer of the staple will have fewer cravings. However, the ear stapling has little to no science behind it and some even had ear infections after the procedure.

Image Credit: Wellforlife

#9 Diet bet

Running out of ideas to lose weight? This trend will inspire your diet and your wallet at the same time. Have a look at DietBet, where you have to compete for dieting and weight loss against friends and strangers. On average the website’s participants may lose almost 5 kg and win $58.

Image Credit: Dietbet
Screenshot: Dietbet


#10 Pixelated hair

It seems everyone is into the digital world now! One of the latest hair trends is pixelated hair dyeing. This bizarre colouring technique creates pixelated hair patterns – or splash lights – and it has received a lot of positive feedback. So we’ve moved on from ombre locks, pastel colours and rainbow hair; pixelated hair is THE hairstyle for 2015. See some examples below:

#11 Looking sick make up trend

This make up trend is kind of sick. It originated from Japan, where beauty gurus added red blush underneath the eyes. The rosy under-eye make up is said to make girls look fragile and like they need looking after… Strange!

#12 Drinking clay

Will you be able to stomach this new trend? Several Hollywood stars are already into this – clay drinking! It is said that the gritty concoction helps to detoxify the body and aid weight loss. It is, however, thought to be quite dangerous since it may contain carcinogens.

#13 Social media trends

Other popular trends from this year started getting traction in social media. A few examples include the Kylie Jenner challenge, thigh gap and bikini bridge selfies. They lasted for a second and vanished the next day, like most social media trends. But of course, they’re a bit bizarre.


Not bizarre enough? The Internet has tonnes of surprises. No doubt there are more weird trends on the way!


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