13 Easy DIY Fashion Projects for Summer and Fall

It’s summer all over again in some parts of the world and autumn in others. Seasons can’t stop us from sharing the same passion for DIY fashion right? Here’s some of our favourite DIY projects for the warmer months:

#1 Cut-off Denim with Lace

Image Credit: Rebecca Minkoff

Add some chic flare to your usual denim shorts by including some lace. Cut off the sides, look for some lacy fabric and sew it in. It will take the bore out of the denim and you can pair it with your favourite tank top for a casual stroll, a dressy blouse for the mall or a cute bikini top for the beach.

#2 Neoprene skirt

Image credit: apairandasparediy.com

A pair & a spare DIY has the perfect tutorial for this awesome neoprene skirt. Of course if you’re going to do it yourself, you get to choose your own colour too!

#3 DIY shoe restore

shoe restore
Image Credit: Love this Pic

Ever have that good old shoe you spent some money on but never really seem to wear? Well, take out your glitter and glue to perk them up for a night out, a wedding or to match your OOTD. Cover your trusty shoes in glue then roll them in glitter. They’ll regain their glory in no time! But take note, you can’t wear them during rainy days. That’s why they’re perfect for the summer or the fall season.

#4 DIY floral sun hat

floral sunhat
Image credit: teenvogue.com

Tired of the usual hats? You can quickly make a simple hat into this beautiful and unique one. It’s perfect for an autumn inspired outfit and so easy you can do it in just a few minutes. Collect some faux flowers and use the glue gun to make them stick. Find the tutorial on teen vogue.

#5 DIY lace shorts

urban outfitters inspired lace shorts diy
Image credit: sincerelykinsey.com

These shorts are the definition of “I want”. Buying a pair of these in a store can be pricey, but making them is not! If you have pair of old white shorts, you’re good to go. You will only need a roll of lace and a sewing kit. Simply cover the shorts with lace, pinning them in place before sewing everything down. Thank SincerelyKinsey website for this awesome DIY project.

#6 DIY Tie dyed canvas shoes

rainbow tie-dye sneakers-f37666
Image Credit:loveitsomuch.com

Canvas shoes will be in fashion forever. To perk up your old ones, give them a splash of colour with dyes! Imagine how great they’ll look on a sunny day. The trick for this project is to keep the shoes clean and choose the right colour gradient.

#7 T-Shirt to a summer tank

Image credit: Leila Ramos, YouTube

This was once an ordinary boring shirt. When you’ve worn your shirts too many times, why not cut them up and make something new for summer? This perfect shirt seems complicated but it only needs some snipping and knotting. Cut the shirt from the hem up to where you want into end. Start knotting the ties together and flaunt your new tank top on the beach! Get an old shirt ready and check out the Youtube tutorial for this DIY project.

#8 Scalloped shorts

Image credit: candimandi.typepad.com

Another fall staple? Scalloped shorts made from old pants! You can also try out this style using old denim jeans or shorts. Simply look for shorts or pants that are not needed anymore. Cut them to your desired length and use the bottom of a drinking glass to trace the scallops. Trace them and cut them individually to maintain the perfect shape. Then use some fray check for the edges.

#9 DIY embellished cut-out sweater

embellished sweater
Image credit: trashtocouture.com

This sweater is awesome! All you need is one old sweater you just don’t use anymore and an appliqué design. Sew in the design over the shoulder and/or neck. Since the above appliqué is made of beads, you can do the sewing in the edges. Or if it’s too hard to get through, use fabric glue instead. Cut off the sweater under the design to show off those sexy shoulders. Good luck, it might be hard to find the exact design for the appliqué, but you can always design your own!

#10 Neon shoes

Image credit: aelida.com

A hint of colour on your shoes is great for any season! If you’ve got white or neutral-colored shoes, consider giving them a makeover. Colour the tips with neon paint, or paint over the whole shoe for some bright statement footware.

#11 DIY ruffled scarf

Image credit: morningbymorningproductions.blogspot.com.au

Ruffled scarves add texture to your outfit without getting in the way. However, it seems to take ages before you can perfect that ruffled scarf look by arranging and rearranging. This DIY tutorial will teach you an effortless way to ruffle your scarves without much effort. See the tutorial here.

#12 Restyled sweatshirts

Image credit: abeautifulmess.com

All you need for this project is an old sweater and some crocheted doilies. Cut out your old neckline, scoop it a bit and add the doilies following the neckline’s shape. Add and layer your design according to your taste. Sew them in while hemming the neckline with bias tape. Follow the image link for a great tutorial!

#13 Classy cut-out shirt

Image credit: annaevers.com

Add some flare to your shirt by cutting out a portion of the neck, leaving only the button line and the collar. Check out the tutorial from Anna Evers. Choose a shirt, cut out a pattern for the new design, trace it onto the shirt and start cutting! After that, you may want to add small cuts to the curves and corners for the hemming. Sew it all down and you’re good to go.


These perfect DIYs only take minutes to complete. They’ll add some statement pieces to your wardrobe and they reflect your artistic nature. So whether it’s for the fall or the summer, now you’ve got lots of DIY ideas. Tune in for our next fashion DIYs!


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