Photographic Evidence of Time Travel

The topic of time travel has always been fascinating to humans. It’s probably due to the fact that we are just as fixated on the events of the past as we are of the future. Just imagine travelling to the past, reliving good memories and maybe changing some mistakes, wouldn’t that be rad?

Although scientists, experts and time travel enthusiasts have explored time travel possibilities, there is still no clear way we can actually do it. However, everyday we see new possible evidence of time travel in the past, continuing to taunt us.

Now, the internet is teeming with alleged evidence for the existence of time travel – both in stories and photographs. We’re going to present you with 12 of these stories. You can make up your own mind about whether they are real occurences of time travel!

Could it be possible?

Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia simulated photons and moved them through time. These photons traveled through wormholes and had interactions with their older selves. This seems to be a new opportunity for a time travel theory that was once backed by Godel and Einstein. Watch DailyMail‘s simulation of the phenomenon below:

So is it possible? In quantum mechanics, yes. For humans on the other hand, we still need some highly advanced technology. Whether we’ll see time travel in action or not, we just love these little mysteries and the idea of travelling through time. So let’s see some “photographic evidence”!

#1 The Original Hipster

This hipster has been one of the most talked about instances of possible evidence of time travel. His get-up severely contrasts those of the people around him in the picture. The photo is dated circa 1940 at the reopening of South Fork Bridge in Canada. This is the first picture that intrigued me and pushed me to find more evidence and write this post.

The hipster appears to sport sunglasses, a modern-looking stamped (or silk-screened) t-shirt, a sweater and a camera. The image is said to be authentic and not in any way digitally altered.

Other aspects pointed out by time travel enthusiast include:

  1. His modern haircut
  2. His height; he stands taller than other people in the picture (reflects the height of people today as compared to the past)

Could this evidence be real? We don’t know, but it’s good to tickle our imagination from time to time.

misc-timetravellerImage credit: everseradio

#2 Ancient Watch

This little watch was discovered in an ancient tomb believed to be 400 years old and undisturbed in China. The watch was found in the soil surrounding the tomb with the hands stopped at 10:06. This watched is believed to be not more than 100 years old. This started the time travel news and speculation. How can this watch that is just a hundred years old max be embedded in the soil surrounding an undisturbed tomb dating back to the Ming Dynasty?

The mystery lives on.
watch-horzImage credit: educatinghumanity

 #3  This Man Amongst Pioneers

The man encircled is from a photo published in the book “The Cape Scott Story” and was discovered by Jamie Grant. The photo is dated at 1917 and pictures several pioneers wearing typical clothes and hats from that time.

However this purported time traveler has uncovered, longer hair and no hat. A man to his left seems to be staring at him with disbelief. Maybe he suddenly appeared and startled the man next to him. Is this evidence of time travel or just another hipster amidst this group of people?


Image credit: boingboing

#4 Lady Clutching Her… Phone?

This woman featured in the opening scene of Charlie Chaplin’s movie “The Circus” in 1928 seems to be talking on a mobile phone while walking across the frame. In the clip that is circulating the internet, the woman doesn’t have any companion in the scene and seems to be having a phone conversation.

The portable mobile appeared in the 1980s, quite a long while after this film was shot. Many experts have been consulted as to the plausible behavior of the woman on the scene, but there seems to be no real explanation (except for one which says that she might be a time traveler).

timetravel_cellphone_1Image credit: hereisthecity

#5 Vampire or Time Traveler?

This alleged time traveler showed everybody several photographs from different years including a current photo of himself. This man also claims he is a vampire and has puzzled many with his allegations. While these photos might look to be owned by the same man pictured, isn’t it possible that he just collected random photos that look just like him and passed it off as evidence of his time travel escapade? Real or hoax? Who knows, maybe these pictures are of his ancestors!


Image credit: techeblog

#6 Time Travelers in Artwork

This Greek artwork shows a woman who looks to be checking a laptop. Let us know in the comments what you think this might be portraying. Perhaps a mirror?

192f143b2c4a38b09e54ca5ac7ce4f4f03ad2868Image credit: beforeitsnews

#7 Another Greek Artwork

Another Greek artwork here shows a man that looks to be using a stylus and a gadget. Whatever that is, it certainly looks like a laptop. He seemed so entertained, maybe he’s checking himself being featured on XenLife!

greek-laptopImage credit: coolinterestingstuff

#8 Basiago on Gettysburg Address

This man named Andrew D. Basiago allegedly became part of a top secret government operation in the 1970s. Apparently he was a time traveler who was sent back to Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech in 1863. The young boy has lost his shoes in the photo. Basiago’s explanation is he lost his shoes in transit through the quantum plenum. So did he really hear Lincoln’s speech first hand or is he using this unknown boy as a way to stardom?

basiago_at_gettysburg_nov_1918633Image credit:

#9 Boy Texting

Was this boy fiddling with something or texting? This schoolboy photo from 1911 seems ordinary enough, however, if you look to the right you’ll see the boy we’re talking about! He seems to be using a phone, unimpressed by the once in a lifetime chance of having his photo taken (maybe he’s already got lots of selfies  here in the future).

boy-textingImage credit: planet1051

 #10 Another Phone!

This woman is seen clutching a phone close to her ears and holding it close to her chest. She certainly stands out in the crowd and is believed to be a time traveler. It isn’t just the idea of the phone in her hand that makes her a famous suspected time traveler, rather, her actions mirror the modern body language of phone trotting individuals we usually meet in the streets today. Should we be convinced?

timeImage credit: asiantribune

 #11 Mohawk Time Traveler

This guy when seems to look a little out of place among the people around him. He has a Mohawk haircut in 1905 (popular in 1970s) and he’s wearing a white short sleeved shirt which is contrasted by the long sleeves in the picture. Was he too rebellious for his time, a man from the 70’s or a follower of NASA’s famous Bobak Ferdowsi?

You can zoom in the photo for a better look!

mohawImage credit: everseradio

#12 Time Traveling Teacher

This guy from footage of an educational film clearly predicted the score of game 2 in 2010’s World Series. An sure enough in 2010 game happened that way exactly. See vid here.

Coincidence, prediction or perhaps time travel? We may never know, but we’re willing to keep our hopes up!

teacherImage credit: educatinghumanity

We found twelve, do you know any more possible evidence? Leave us a comment below!


  1. #1 is a Montreal Maroons shirt and his camera is a Kodak Pocket Folding ( I have one in my collection). All completely relevant to the time period.

  2. #1 hipster yes, time traveller? No.with the French celluloid glasses and folding camera he’s ahead of his time, but the idea he’s a time traveler is predicated on his being also a moron dressing funny with his face hanging out where newspapermen are. The just as tall guy hiding his face with a handkerchief is the more likely suspect.
    #2 just a modern artifact dropped by a tourist or looter or similar.
    #3 just a dickhead, hopped up on a rock, effing up the shot, which is why those around him look scandalized. In the original picture theres a picnic group leader looking lady yelling at him to stop being an asshole and get down.
    #4 hearing aid.
    #5 coincidence. Considering all us white folk stem from common roots it’s hardly shocking some of us look alike. Found a pic of a dude looks like me and the same name too marching off to war in 1918. Have no family I know of in Australia either. So either at some point in the future I go back to the past and join the RAAC, or it’s coincidence.
    #6 is broken. Probably used to be a box for votive offerings.
    #7 is a tablet and stylus, that being the usual method for writing before paper was so cheap. Wax or clay tablet, brass or wooden stylus.
    #8 known forgery.
    #9 checking his watch. The rest are probably waiting for him to say it’s okay to move now.
    #10 folding compact. They’re a thing people know about.
    #11 that’s his coat and hat there hanging on the railing. Take off half these heavies’ bowler derbies they’d have the same haircut though maybe not so freshly fresh.
    #12 another known fake.

    • In #10 Why would the woman be holding a folding compact up against her face and ear and smiling? That make zero sense. And that is just that one. Also why would the woman in #4 be using a hearing aid while she is walking alone and why is her mouth moving as it she is chatting?

      • Who says she’s not talking to someone just out of camera shot? someone standing there waiting for her and her saying hello or calling out their name.

  3. Well, I’m convinced. No Photoshop there, and all thoroughly believable explanations.

    I guess Occam’s Razor was absent that day.

  4. #1 Man appears normal. “tshirt” is most likely a sweatshirt with a school letter on the front. My stepdad was born in 1917, and he was 6’8″ tall, so tall guys did exist back then.
    #9 “Boy Texting” is more likely a boy or man just checking his pocket watch.


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