10 SmartPhone Photography Tricks

Smartphones have become a way of life. They stay in our pockets all day. Now they have become a staple in our photographic ventures. Why lug around a heavy SLR when you can carry a smaller alternative in your purse or pocket? However smartphone photography can be tricky.

Of course, they cannot capture photos like real cameras can. But with the right tricks and tips, smartphones can get you some display-worthy and fun albums.

Photography Tricks

Recently, The Cooperative Photography released a 7 pointer on how to get amazing photos and how to get the best out of your phone. Note: they used an iPhone but some tricks can be applied using other phones. We added a couple more and some tips!

 #1 Panodash

Use Panorama and dash around! Sounds stupid but this will put you in that long panoramic photo where your presence is just everywhere literally! How to do it? Ask a friend to use the panorama option on your phone’s camera, make a pose at the start of the Pano photo, dash around and settle at the spot where the 2nd stop is made, and repeat to your heart’s desire. This is what it looks like. Photo from COOPh.


And it will come out like this!


#2 Underwater Housing

Now you can take a photo underwater. What you will be using for protective housing is just one drinking glass. Put your phone in, camera down, and place it in water. Check out the pictures below.


#3 Use Water Drop for Macro Shots

You can have clip on lenses but why pay when you can make an alternative for free? Take a small drop of water, drop it on your phone lens and take the picture. If you’re worried that the water will run, don’t. Since it’s just a speck it will stay until you can have that macro shot you wanted.


#4 Pano Drive By

This one’s for the bored passenger but not for the driver! Use the pano shot as usual, let it shoot the scene while the car is going and you will get one fun shot that looks like the squishy cars below!



#5 Car foil sun shade as reflector

Well, professional photographers use that special reflector that can play and add on the light reflection of the subjects. But no need to play pro or buy that reflector, you can use that car foil sun shade on your car dashboard and the lighting will be as good as pro. Take your phone and get a really good portrait shot.


#6 Binoculars to Zoom

You can use your feet to zoom but why walk when you can use binoculars? Here’s an easy way to get focus on a far subject when shooting through your smartphone.



#7 Mini tripod for selfies

Hey, we must admit that selfies are here to stay. We can’t deny that, no matter how much we hate some people who overdo it. Now, you can try this COOPH’s mini invention, a tripod for selfies which you can adjust for different angles. You can even do this armless selfie minus the monopod or the selfie stick. Your earphones can do the same thing. Put your phone in the mini tripod, plug-in your earphone and click the + on volume button. Click, you got a selfie!



Curious over the mini tripod? Here’s how easy it is to do it!




And for even more fun stuff, here’s the video that went viral just a week ago!

Note: All photos above are properties of COOPH. Gifs are sourced from World-warotter

Tips to Make Your Smartphone Photoshoot Rival a Real Camera’s Shot

It’s fun to try the things above, however for more serious smartphone photographers (yes there is that bunch aside from the usual Instagram-loving, selfie-takers) there are so many more things you may need to remember. Here are some tips to keep it great:

Use rule of thirds.

It still is one surefire way to take an amazing photo that can capture interest. Put your subject at any of the four-points where the lines intersect. They’ll get more emphasis. That’s right, don’t put your subjects in the center.

Shoot straight.

Meaning shoot it at its best. Position it right before pressing the button since editing it later will lower the photos resolution.

See the light.

Photographers always detect the best hint of light and bank on it. The light can make or break your photo. Play with it. Use it to make everything clear or position yourself to help the light make drama.

Find an interesting moment.

Don’t just snap the button just because the scenery’s good. It’s like looking for the best angle. Why take a photo of a very interesting graffiti wall when you can take it with a dog looking curious of the scene? I mean, work it!

Edit color and contrast.

Editing color and contrast is not new even in old-time photography. The difference is, the old time film photography played with chemicals. Today, photographers plays with editing apps and software. Use this to improve contrast as well as color.

Don’t be afraid to straighten or crop.

Experts said that when you take a far photo, don’t zoom. Take the photo as best as possible and just crop later. You can straighten later too.

Sharpen and resize if possible.

As said, don’t be afraid to play with editing apps. To help with the quality you can try sharpening the image and resizing it.

Clean your lens.

Your smartphone stays in your purse or in your pocket. And that pocket can be a haven for lens-blocking properties that can subtly blur your photos.

So there you go folks, your smartphone photography tips and tricks!

featured image: WarmSleepy



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