10 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

By now, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of or encountered a blog that you want to know more about. Almost everyone with a good internet connection, be it a group, an organization or an enterprise, has used or are using a blog to share thoughts, information, products or services. A decade ago, everyone was into professional websites, websites that are created and built by professionals using complicated computer programming languages. Now, anyone with a basic knowledge of computing can have their own blog or website with just a few clicks to promote whatever they have to offer. First, let’s understand what a blog is so that we have a better understanding of how they work and how many individuals or organizations are failing to get any traffic on their blog.

If William Shakespeare was alive today. Image credit: www.examtime.com
If William Shakespeare was alive today. Image credit: www.examtime.com

Blog Defined

An expression weblog or a blog for short is an informational or discussion site that is published on the World Wide Web. Blogs consist of posts (discrete entries which are typically displayed in a reverse chronological order where recent posts appear first and old post appear on the bottom or on the last page. In the past, most blogs were created by a single individual or a small group, and content covered a single topic. That is, up until 2009. From 2009 to the present, multi-author blogs have been created and introduced with content or posts written by a handfull or a large number of authors. More often than not, content is professionally edited before being posted. Advocacy groups, business enterprises, marketing groups, newspapers, universities and other media companies account for an increase in blog traffic. With the introduction and eventual rise of the micro blogging site “Twitter”, the single author blog and MABs were integrated into social networking.

The growth of blogs in the 90s coincided with the introduction of many web publishing tools that made non-technical users able to create and post content on a blog. Before these web publishing tools were created, knowledge of HTML and FTP were required in web creation and publishing.

Many of today’s blogs provide commentary on specific subjects while the others serve as online personal diaries. Other functions include online brand marketing/advertising. In general a blog is a combination of text, images, web pages, links to other blogs, photos, GIFs, videos, audio and other visual elements. A micro blog on the other hand is a different type of blogging featuring short post or entries.

10 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

It doesn’t matter if your blog is about your adventures in the Himalayas or if you’re a big business enterprise trying to promote your products. If your blog or website is not generating traffic, there may be some things you’re not doing or something may be lacking in regards to how you present your website or blog to potential visitors or customers. Blogging can be fun and effective if you’re really passionate about it, but it can become frustrating if the numbers and the analytics are showing no traffic to your site. It also means that no one is visiting or reading whatever content is posted on your site. People actually don’t care about your site. It’s like baking a cake and then you find out no one wants to eat it or even look at it. So, what can possibly be wrong with your blog?

Here are some possible reasons why you’re not generating traffic on your blog:

1. Your Blog Is Fairly New                  

Unless you have done some major promotion or a shout out about your blog, you won’t see any traffic for a few days or even longer. In some cases it may take 3 to 4 days before your content is found on search engine indexes. If this is the case for your blog, you are just going to have to be a little bit patient. Try to push and promote your blog any way you can.

Image credit: growabrain.typepad.com
Image credit: growabrain.typepad.com

2. Your Blog Promotion Is Lacking  

There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes when promoting your blog. You have to know about backlinks, relevant keywords, post updates and relevant content, you have to know the market and the network in order to promote your blog. If you’re a newbie, you may have no idea about these things, but if you’ve been blogging for a while and you’re still not getting traffic despite some knowledge of SEO, then you may have to change your game plan and go back to square one.

3. Your Titles Are Like Leeches… They Suck

Writing a headline that doesn’t meet the standard requirements and principles of writing will not make your visitors or readers want to go past the title itself. Having good and catchy titles is essential in attracting the search engine and your target readers. Your title needs to let your visitors and readers know what they are getting and what can they possibly learn from your content. You can include a play on words to attract visitors and readers, but don’t get too cheesy with your title, especially if it has no connection to the article or content itself.

Image credit: www.searchenginepeople.com
Image credit: www.searchenginepeople.com

4. Your Content Is Not Being Updated Regularly       

Relevant and updated content is what Google and other search engines are looking for today. Keywords are not that relevant anymore. If your blog is not updated regularly with relevant content, your search engine rankings will suffer. If you want people to become regular visitors on your blog, your content should be consistent. It’s just like newspapers being delivered every morning, magazines being issued every month, your blog should have new issues as frequently as possible. If you post regularly and consistently, you will build a following which will get your blog known and you might see an improvement in ranking on different search engines.

5. Your SEO Is Going South

Search engines, especially Google, will send readers and visitors to your blog if it’s properly optimized and meets Google’s requirements. You can learn the basics of SEO to make this happen or if you’re a big enterprise, hire a professional SEO team to do the work for your blog.

Image credit: www.smartinsights.com
Image credit: www.smartinsights.com

6. Not Taking Advantage Of Twitter

Even though Facebook is the biggest social networking site today, taking advantage of microblogging site Twitter can help drive traffic to your blog. Say you send out the title of your latest content to your followers and tease with a catchy headline that will make them click the link to your post.

7. Irrelevant Content

Your content is outdated, boring or irrelevant. If this is the case for you, we advise you to listen to your followers or try to find out what they are interested in without moving away from the original identity of your blog. Always update your entries, try not to be too formal or boring. Your followers should feel that you are actually talking to them through your posts.

Image credit: www.tristanpipo.com
Image credit: www.tristanpipo.com

8. You’re Not Focusing

You have to know your target market to make sure your blog is successful. If you’re not focused on what you should truly be offering, your blog will just be a hodge-podge of different, irrelevant content. Post content that is focused on a niche or an industry, but keep it fresh and interesting. Know your market, take care of your market and stick to it.

9. You Haven’t Been Distributing Your Content To Other Social Media Platforms

Social media has the leverage to get your content spread out to other channels and platforms where your audience or market niche might be hanging out. Post your videos, articles and content to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and/or Twitter. Make your blog the central home base for distribution.

10. Not Engaging With Other Bloggers

If you haven’t tried this, start! It’s important to get to know other bloggers, comment on their blogs, ask to be a guest blogger and build networks. This will widen your reach and let more possible followers knowthat  your blog exists.


Image credit: www.ciappara.com
Image credit: www.ciappara.com

Your online presence needs to go beyond just being there. You need to maintain the relevance and quality of your content, be consistent and answer all the queries your visitors may have. By doing this you will surely build traffic to your blog.


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