10 New Facebook Updates for 2015

1 week ago, Facebook rolled out some ambitious plans to keep them ahead of the social media game. F8, the annual developers conference, was the venue of their announcement (although several updates had already been leaked, much to the delight of tech fans).

Aside from the exciting F8 announcements, Facebook, social media giant that it is, has been branching out to focus on social accountability online. Recently unveiled was the platform’s suicide prevention feature. Zuckerberg has also expanded his ambitions to connect the world with internet.org which offers free internet access in chosen countries including Zambia, Philippines and Paraguay.

While last year’s F8 conference announced updates to Facebook like anonymous login, the mobile enabled ‘like’ button, Applinks and the launch of FBstart which focuses on helping startups, this year’s updates come as great news to developers and business page owners. Of course, all users will benefit in some way.

Read on for some of the most recent Facebook updates.

Facebook Updates

#1 Video embedding

Zuckerberg announced that everybody now has the ability to embed videos from Facebook to other websites on the web. This move is said to give Facebook an edge in the video sharing arena of the Internet.

Facebook’s video feature is said to be much easier to work with compared to prior struggles with video embedding where the outcome of the video may have been effected once published. Watch Mark Zuckerberg on the future of sharing, posted by Facebook Developers on Wednesday, 25 March 2015.

#2 360 video support

Aside from the newly announced video embedding, F8 also opened up about the future of 360 video support which will enable users to view videos of a place like they are actually there. Below is a spherical video in gif. form. Take note, Facebook’s David Marcus pronounced that with a hard”g” and not “j”.

sphierical-videoImage Credit: Tech Crunch

 #3 Messenger for business

Now, you can track your online purchases within Facebook’s standalone app, messenger. You can now communicate with businesses within the app since it will soon be integrated in e-commerce websites. When this happens, customers who connect to Facebook with their favorite e-commerce websites will be sent direct purchase notifications.

Notifications may include order confirmations, shipping confirmations, purchase bills and other updates.



#4 Reply to messages via 3rd party apps

Facebook is opening the scope of its Messenger app, allowing apps like Giphy (GIF creator) to be accessed within Messenger. This would mean you can now send GIFs from Giphy when you’re chatting without leaving the Messenger interface.

Other compatible 3rd party apps can also be downloaded directly through Messenger.


 #5 Comments on other websites will show up on Facebook

A story that has been shared on Facebook may lift comments typed on the website itself. This aims to help businesses increase content engagement across platforms. BuzzFeed, EliteDially, Huffington Post and Fox Sports will beta test this update first.


Image Credit: Tech Crunch

#6 IoT on Facebook

Internet of Things is no longer limited to certain devices. Now, Facebook may be devising ways for the social media platform to control things like your garage door. Although Ilya Sukhar, Parse CEO, already announced Facebook’s future presence in IoT, it’s not yet clear how or when this will be happening.


Image Credit: Fortune

#7 Analytics for apps

In Facebook’s continuous attempt to nurture developers, it will now offer free dashboard analytics. The analytics will pull data from the app used across all devices. This will help developers keep track of their app performance across platforms, devices and locations.


Image Credit: Facebook Developers

#8 Auto-play on videos

Facebook is now testing its auto-play feature for videos. When you don’t click related videos at the end of the video being played, the next video will automatically start playing. This is being tested among some iOS and Android users and may go public after further testing. This update is said to strengthen Facebook’s goals on video content and advertising.

#9 Internet.org

Although already launched, Zuckerberg will continue to expand Internet.org’s horizons with his goal of connecting the world. The app, which is available for Android phones, aims to offer access to websites related to health, education, jobs and communication.

Nearly 7 million people have used it to date to get online for the first time in remote or developing areas. The app is available in India, Ghana, Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia and most recently, the Philippines.

With more than one half of the world still offline, Zuckerberg opened up about hopes for the African, Latin American and Asian roll-out in the near future.


Image Credit: FB Newsroom

#10 Facebook lookback

Facebook recently went live with its “on this day” feature. If you’ve been using Timehop, the concept may not be alien to you. Everyday, Facebook will remind you about what was happening to you one, two, three, four or more years ago. It brings some nostalgic memories to users everyday but may also create some cringe-inducing times. Users have responded positively to the feature.


There will be more…

If you follow FB Newsroom closely, you’ll be kept in the know about new Facebook updates. Newsroom posts news every week for both developers and users. Facebook has more things in store for us, so make sure you tune in for updates.


Featured Image Credit: Ken Yeung via Flickr

Uncredited Images: Provided as downloadables by FB Newsroom


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