10 Inventions You Should Know About

We can’t help but be thrilled about new inventions today. In 2014 we saw many new things invented for the health and education industries among others. This year’s first quarter has also brought with it a few awesome inventions.

Here are some of the great inventions from 2014 and the early months of 2015:

#1 Eye drops for night vision


You’re probably thinking this is something straight out of comics or sci-fi films? Well, these night vision eye drops are real and can temporarily enable night vision capabilities. Science for the Masses, an independent science organisation, theorised that chlorine e6 (Ce6), a natural molecule from algae and other green plants could accomplish the feat.

The experiment yielded positive results after an hour, enabling the person tested to see in the dark for more than 10 metres. The chemical effect lasted for a few hours and faded away completely by the next day.

#2 Hoverboard


The hoverboard technology you saw in Back to the Future is now a reality! Hendo, a California-based tech firm now lets you preorder it for $10,000. This hoverboard can only float an inch above the ground and is made of conductive materials like copper and aluminium. Its battery life is 15 minutes only.

Hendo was funded by Kickstarter and is currently moving onto bigger projects like the stabilisation of buildings during disasters.

#3 GravityLight

Image credit: The Guardian

Can you imagine a life without electricity? Many of the world’s developing and inaccessible areas are still not connected to electricity. Even if some of these places could be reached by the grid, electricity prices would be off the charts. This is where the GravityLight‘s inspiration came from. This bulb generates light from gravity!

#4 Tooth tattoo

Image credit: Princeton University

They’re not what you think they are. They’re not for cosmetic purposes either. This tooth tattoo contains sensors that can send information to a remote device. This sensor is outfitted with electrodes and a wireless coil and is flexible for attachment to the skin and teeth.

It can help detect bacteria, decay and disease types and send it back to the device. The wearer the will be alerted as to the impending problem.

#5 Superbananas


James Dale from the Queensland University of Technology, backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, developed a vitamin-A enriched superbanana. These superbananas are targeted to help kids under the age of 5 who are at risk of going blind in sub-Saharan Africa. Up to 30% of kids under age 5 from this region are at risk of going blind due to insufficient levels of vitamin A in their diets. Bananas are a staple in that region, so Dale thought it was the obvious choice for re-engineered food.

#6 Bounce Imaging Explorer

Image credit: bounceimaging

This rubber orb is the size of a baseball and contains a Wi-Fi transmitter, sensors for temperature and cameras. It can also transmit audio. The Bounce Imager is geared toward emergencies, and it is hoped they can replace emergency teams who enter potentially dangerous areas in rescue efforts.

This invention is perfect in scouting enclosed spaces for militaries, looking for survivors in rubble in times of disaster and detecting smoke and fire levels in a burning building. Invented by Francisco Aguilaran, MIT and Harvard graduate, will be priced at $1000 to $3000.

#7 Solepower

Image credit: Mashable

Solepower is a small device that can fit in your shoe and gather energy as you walks. It is empowering since it enables users to go anywhere without a charger. The energy charges a small battery that you could use to charge your phone on the go.

#8 Portapure

Image credit: portapure.com

Even in modern times, billions of people still lack access to clean and safe drinking water all over the world. This invention, Portapure, is a small filtration device that can house five gallons of water.

This device can filter dirty water from streams and lakes and turn it to clean water minus the high powered filtration machine.

#9 SCiO

Image credit: Elite Daily

SCiO is a spectrometer that can help you measure food calories as well as chemical content. This lets people scan food and drink content before they buy or consume it. SCiO is currently raising money on Kickstarter for funding.

#10 OrbSys shower

Image credit: SmithsonianMag

The OrbSys shower is one innovation that promises to reduce water and energy use by 80%. This shower recycles water. After water is sprayed from the shower, it is pumped and filtered into a closed loop system. After this, the dirty water will come out of the filter with minimal need for reheating.

This invention can help reduce energy consumption by a massive amount since it requires less energy to heat the recycled water. If used by a community or by one building, this can decrease electricity bills and help the environment in a big way.


Most of these inventions were cited in Times, CNN, The Huffington Post and International Business Times as daring and innovative inventions that could one day change the world.

In the mean time, we’ll wait while some of these get more funding for mass release. If you can afford it, feel free to pre-order!



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