10 Hair Curl Hacks

Curly hair, whether it’s natural, permed or curled with an iron is never boring. But it’s not easy to get those perfect curls or to manage your curls. Never fear, we’ve got some of the best curl hacks for you and your hair!

Hair Care

woman-586185_1280You’re hair is your crowning glory. Unfortunately, curly hair requires twice the effort as other styles of hair. Curls can tangle easily, so your natural hair needs twice the conditioning especially if you are using products for styling.

Shampooing should be done only when necessary, and conditioning should be done as much as possible. Regular visit to the salon and a request for hot oil and deep conditioning can also be rejuvenating for the hair. Using products specifically formulated for your hair type makes everything easier.

Hair stylists often suggests that you keep your hair away from harmful elements like the sun, heat and even the harsh chemicals in the pool. You can protect your hair while swimming by wearing a hat or swim cap.

Curling Hacks

Whether you already have curly hair or you’re trying to spice up your straight locks, these curling hacks will give you a few options to achieve perfect curls.

#1 Plopping

Plopping is one of the hair healthy way to achieve a full head curl. Some may be even doing it without realising that its plopping! Plopping may only ask you to prepare a few materials: a long sleeved shirt, a hair shine product and nothing more.

Plopping is for those who have permed, curly or wavy hair and want to define their curls without using heat.

Do this while your hair is still wet or damp. Simply put the shirt on a table or chair, bend over with all your hair in front of your face and wrap the shirt around your head.

You can also sleep with the shirt around your hair to wake up with soft, perfect curls.

Here’s an infographic:

Image Credit: NaturallyCurly
Image Credit: NaturallyCurly

#2 Curl from the middle

If you have a problem with your hair curls staying curled all day, then maybe you are doing the ironing wrong. You should start from the middle and not the ends. This way, the curls will be fuller and will last longer.

Image Credit: Ashemag
Image Credit: Ashemag

#3 Use aluminum foil

Naturally straight hair girls often find it hard to curl their hair or to make the curls stay. So if the trick of curling from the middle did not work, then try wrapping your curls in aluminum foil. Then clamp the straightening iron in the foil. The curls will be gorgeous. The longer you keep the aluminium in your hair, the tighter the curls.

Image Credit: AllDayChic
Image Credit: AllDayChic

#4 Wrapping techniques

Okay, by now, you probably already know that you can style your hair using different tools. You can use the straightening iron, curling iron, curling wand or the deep waver. But the way you wrap your hair on these tools will also affect the type of curls you create.

Image Credit: Beauty Department

Image Credit: Beauty Department

Image Credit: Beauty Department

Image Credit: Beauty Department

#5 Braid and heat

If you have a problem with heat tools, you’ll love this one. Simply portion your hair into four parts or more if you have thicker hair, and start braiding them. Run a straightening iron over the braids and wait. When the hair has cooled, you can remove the braid and see your beach wavy hair. Much easier than using a curling wand!

Image Credit: Folica
Image Credit: Folica

#6 No heat trick

All you need for this one is two to three clamps. Shower the night before you want your new style and simply let your hair go damp or dry. Part hair into two sections and twist it tight, wrap it on top of head like a headband and clamp it in. Sleep for the night and wake up with this no heat hair. The result is perfect hair with big curls.

Image Credit: How Does She

#7 Pin curls

In the past when curling irons were not on trend, pin curls give celebrities the curls they wanted. You’ll need a bag of bobby pins and patience. Simply take an inch of hair roll it around your two or three fingers, depending on the size of curls you wanted, and pin it on your head.

You can remove the pins after for a gorgeous head of curls. To make the curls stay, spray on with your favourite hair spray and slay the day, or the night with your new look!

pin curl
Image Credit: Youtube

#8 Ponytail and curl

This trick is one to use when you’re in a hurry. Simply put your hair in ponytail. Take section by section of your hair and start curling them. When you’re done with the curling, simply remove the hair tie and style your hair.

Image Credit: GoodHousekeeping
Image Credit: GoodHousekeeping

#9 Curling with a flat iron

The straightening iron you have can also give you the gorgeous curls you want, be it a subtle wave or big curls. Simply wrap sections of your hair around the iron, twist it and slowly pull down. Continue to turn the iron as you pull down to the end of the hair.

Image Credit: Beautiful Shoes

#10 Headband curl

Wrap an elastic headband over your crown with hair still under it. Then slowly take out sections of hair and twist them around the headband. This one is a little fiddly, but if you leave it overnight or use hairspray and let it out after an hour or so you’ll have gorgeous, effortless curls.

Image Credit: AnnieSauce
Image Credit: AnnieSauce


Any other curl tricks out there? Leave your tips in the comments below. Happy curling!


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