10 Content Types To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Competition is tight in the business world. Wherever you go, you will see brands trying to outdo each other. Billboards, TV, radio, and print advertisements are trying to catch your attention. Marketing is a cut throat world and you need to be one step ahead to survive. A brand should be able to use a range of marketing strategies to catch the consumer’s attention and eventually engage them to be loyal to the brand. Traditional marketing may work in some areas, but if you want to get more engaged with your target audience, you have to go digital.

The Importance of Online Marketing

Almost everyone is connected to the Internet and there is no reason why your business should not be. The Internet has made it easier for everyone to market their brand because it has the potential to touch base with target audiences. “Interactivity” was important 10 years ago, and while it’s still a huge part of online marketing, the latest buzzword is “engaging”.

Online or Internet marketing refers to the marketing and advertising efforts that utilise websites, blog sites and emails in driving direct sales through electronic commerce. Online marketing can also be used together with traditional marketing practices for TV, radio and print ads.

The internet will continue to evolve and it has become part of many people’s life. You as a business should also evolve and make changes down the road. If your business doesn’t keep up with changes, there is a big chance that you’ll be left behind and trampled by your competition.

Image credit: http://web.marsdenassociates.com/
Image credit: http://web.marsdenassociates.com/

Internet marketing is important to your business because:

  • Online marketing is cost effective. Marketing products over the Internet is cheaper as compared to making them physically or on a traditional basis. The cost of creating a website/blog site and establishing an online presence is cheaper than paying rent or replenishing stock.
  • Online marketing is convenient. Your business will be open 24/7, allowing customers to browse your website any time they want or need to. Your customers will also be able to reach you and give feedback through the comment section. Now this is customer engagement!
  • Online marketing is more personalised. Online marketing can personalise the content of a website or blog. You will have the ability to build customer profiles, preferences and purchase history. Through this information, you can track what the customers are looking for and then target offers that reflect their interests.
  •  Online marketing is relationship-centric. Online marketing can provide an effective foundation for building relationships with customers. This will result in customer retention because the brand and the customer will have a direct link to each other. When a customer purchases your product, you can send an email to thank them and tell them how you value their feedback. You can also invite them to make product reviews on your website or blog. If they have any enquiries about a product, you will be able to answer their questions faster. Once you have established a relationship with your customers, they will feel important and valued by your company.

10 Content Types to Drive Traffic

Now we have established the importance of online marketing, let’s take a look at the best content types to drive traffic to your site. In today’s online marketing world, content is king. There are different strategies in making an effective piece of content, but you have to know what type of content will catch the attention of your audience. If you’re just starting out and are thinking of a creating a website or blog, the tips below will help you with content creation ideas. The content you create should be relevant, educational, entertaining and useful. Below are some types of content that will help you create traffic for your site and enhance your overall online marketing strategy.

1. Tutorials and How-To’s

Tutorials and how-to’s are one of the most popular content types. It can be a video, an article or an infographic. Once you have captured the attention of your target audience, some of them will have questions or enquiries about a certain process that may be particular to your products. Since you will be perceived as the expert of your own product, publishing tutorials and how-to’s will truly help your customers. It will also establish credibility and impress potential customers.

Image credit: XEN Systems blog.

2. Infographics

Infographics is the presentation of data in a visual way. Infographics are viewed, shared and loved more than other content types. Infographics can appeal to any age or demographic and are a very effective way of spreading information in a simple, aesthetically pleasing and effective way. Research, data and statistics all work in infographic form. Infographics also have a better chance of going viral.

Image credit: contently.com
Image credit: contently.com

3. Videos

Many consider videos as the holy grail of content. They are easy to share, view and like. Videos keep your audience engaged for a longer period of time. Uploading your videos to YouTube is a great advantage because it’s the second largest search engine in the world. Upload your videos and embed them in your articles. If you can, try to include a transcript of the video.

4. Memes

Memes are hilariously entertaining. People get a kick out of memes and they love to share something relatable. Memes are very adaptable and can be used in any niche or target market. But you have to take note that memes can sometimes be overused. If you overuse them, it can devalue your brand. You can take advantage of memes if your site is a humour/entertainment site like 9Gag.

Image credit: divvyhq.com
Image credit: divvyhq.com

5. Lists or Best Ofs

People love numbered lists and best ofs. “Top 20” lists are great resources and it fits your online marketing strategy, you can make a list of tools or anything that you may find useful to your customers. If your customers find it useful you can expect to get some shares. This type of content can 1.provide solutions to some of your customer’s issues and as a result, it will 2.create more traffic.

6. Product Reviews

Product reviews will help you establish leadership and authority within your industry. Every industry will have its unique set of product and services and if you’re able to engage industry influencers, service providers, manufacturers and key developers, you will gain respect and recognition. And if they find your review unbiased and truthful, they will not hesitate to do the same for you.

7. Presentations, Quizzes and Other Interactive Content

You can take your cues from Buzzfeed, Funny or Die, 9Gag or The Awesomer. Interactive content can send a lot of shares and referrals from social media and word-of-mouth to your site.

Image credit: observer.com
Image credit: observer.com

8. Interviews

Doing interviews is a good way to take off some pressure when you’re trying to create good content. Do interviews with industry leaders and industry influencers. If you’re able to interview one, you will gain huge traffic from not only your existing audience, but also the influencer’s followers. Plus, this gives you a change to gain some respect from your peers and from others within your field.

9. News Stories

Blogs are just like digital magazines or newspapers and the latest news will always attract readers. Do not hesitate to put your own flavour on the news. Opinions do matter and your readers will be enticed to share their own opinions. This will engage and drive more traffic and possibly trend if the topic and exchange of opinions are being exchanged non-stop.

Image credit: XEN Systems blog.

10. Controversial Posts

If you’re interested in exchanging opinions, why not try a controversial post or a rant taking a stand against something currently in the spotlight? This will hopefully let your followers understand two sides of a particular subject. However, always be prepared for angry comments with this content type. Different opinions will surely go head to head. Avoid any personal attacks or you will lose credibility and respect from your followers and industry influencers.

These are just some of the most popular content types that can help drive more traffic to your site. There are still plenty of other content types that you can use and take advantage of. The more types of contents you use, the more effective and powerful your content strategy will be. It doesn’t matter what type of content you create, the bottom line is that it should speak to your audience. Once you have done that, your audience will listen, share, learn and convert into leads.

Everyone has a potential to succeed, you just need to know how to do it. Good luck!


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