10 Bizarre Alien Encounter and Abduction Stories

Alien abduction stories have been around for a long time. These stories have ranged from mildly peculiar to downright disturbing and in some cases disgusting. The internet has become a place where people can share their stories and encounters of possible ETs, aliens and other unknown flying objects. Although some might be figments of imagination or an elaborate hoax, alien encounters and stories have been documented for many years. Is it possible for some of them to be real?

Image credit: leaksource.info
Image credit: leaksource.info

Please take note that we are not taking any stance on the truthfulness of these strange stories. Some of them are fantastic and could be right out of the twilight zone while others have some confirmed details. True or not, the stories we are about to share are fascinating and some will surely give you the chills!

Alien Abduction And Close Encounter Defined

Movies and television shows have depicted alien encounters and abductions countless times. Some of them are depicted as wonderful discoveries and some are depicted as terrifying and deadly encounters. Movies such as “Batteries Not Included”, “ET”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “The Abyss”depicted alien encounters as wonderful discoveries with delightful interactions. However, the “Alien” franchise, “Battle: Los Angeles”, “Independence Day”and “The Day the Earth Stood Still” are movies that depict aliens as conquerors, planet destroyers and even human eaters! Whatever the case, they are all a great source of entertainment.

Image credit: www.ibtimes.co.uk
Image credit: www.ibtimes.co.uk

In UFO studies, the term close encounter is defined as an event where a person has witnessed an unidentified flying object. The term and the classifications describing it were created by astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek. Hynek’s scale became more popular when it was referenced in the 1977 alien movie “ Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, which was named after the 3rd level of the Hynek scale. Hynek’s scale has a tenfold classification for UFO sightings. The scale is arranged according to increasing proximity.

  1. Nocturnal lights. Strange lights in the night sky.
  2. Daylight discs. UFOs observed in the daytime, having oval or disc shapes.
  3. Radar-visual. UFO reports that have confirmed radar detection.
  4. Close encounters of the 1st kind. These are visual sightings of a UFO less than 500 feet away that show considerable detail and appreciable angular extension.
  5. Close encounters of the 2nd kind. A UFO event where an alleged physical effect has happened. This can be interference in the vehicle’s function, animals reacting, physiological effects like paralysis of the witness, scorched vegetation or a verified chemical trace.
  6. Close encounters of the 3rd kind. This encounter is used when an animated object or creature is present. It can include the pilots or occupants of a UFO, whether they be humans, aliens or robots.
  7. Close encounters of the 4th kind. This encounter involves a human being abducted by a UFO or its occupants. Although this classification was not included in the original encounter scale, Hynek’s associate Jacques Vallee argued that a CE4 should be described as collective cases when witnesses have experienced any transformation of their sense of reality.
  8. Close encounters of the 5th kind. This involves a direct communication between humans and aliens. This classification was named by CSETI group. This is described as contact experiences through voluntary, conscious and human-initiated communication with aliens.
  9. Close encounters of the 6th kind. It involves the death of an animal or human associated with a UFO sighting.
  10. Close encounters of the 7th kind. This involves the creation of an alien and human hybrid either by artificial methods or by sexual reproduction.

Alien abduction on the other hand is defined as subjectively real memories of being taken against one’s will by any non-human entities (UFOs or aliens). The abductees are then subjected to complex psychological and physical tests and procedures. The normal claims of abductees have been that they were forced to undergo a medical examination focused on their reproductive system. Some abductees also stated that they were warned by the aliens about the dangers of nuclear weapons and environmental abuse.

10 Alleged Alien Encounters And Abductions

1. The Barney and Betty Hill Abduction

This is the first alleged alien abduction in history. It happened in 1961 when the Hills were driving on the night of September 19 in rural New Hampshire when they were returning home from their vacation in Niagra Falls. While driving, they witnessed bright lights in the night sky. The Hills pulled over to get a better look using binoculars. They found the lights were moving towards them so they drove away in a panic. They noticed the lights were chasing them. Instead of speeding to their escape, Barney decided to pull over again with his binoculars and a gun when he saw unidentified beings heading toward them. He and his wife sped off, but were cut off when they became paralyzed by a tingling sensation in their bodies. After 35 minutes, the Hills became aware that something happened, but could not remember anything. He remembered that they were taken into a ship and tested. He said that aliens took bio samples from them, including skin and semen samples.

Image credit: http://www.jerrypippin.com/
Image credit: http://www.jerrypippin.com/

2. Abducted Russian Politician

Russian politician Kirsan Llyumzhinov claimed that he was abducted by yellow-wearing aliens during the 90’s. He said that he was taken aboard the aliens long, transparent spaceship and could not understand what they were saying. Despite the language barrier, the two races allegedly had some sort of exchange of ideas.


 3. The Tehran UFO Incident

On September 19, 1976, the Iranian Air Force received calls about strange shining lights above the streets of Tehran. IAF scrambled two fighter jets to check for fear of an enemy aircraft. The first plane tried to approach the UFO, but the plane’s systems failed. Because of this, the pilot aborted his mission and returned back to the city only to find his plane was back to full battle status. The second plane picked up the UFO on radar and prepared to engage the UFO when the bogey attacked him. A bright light was shot out of the UFO, but missed the plane when the pilot made evasive maneuvers. What followed was a chase across Tehran’s skies as the UFO disrupted comm. systems and shorted power supplies before disappearing to nowhere. Although no proof exists, everyone involved in the operation believes that they engaged a real UFO.


4. Voronezh’s Invaders

This encounter happened in the Voronezh City park on September 27, 1989. Some kids were playing football when suddenly a red disc landed. A 3-eyed figure standing 9 feet tall came out of the disc holding a ray-gun device. The alien used this gun to disintegrate a boy identified as Dmitri. After the alien took off, Dmitri reappeared. Witnesses included kids and a few police officers. The encounter was reported by the New York Times.

5. Alien Brawl

In 1954, Jose Ponce and Gustavo Gonzalez were driving their truck on an isolated road outside Caracas, Venezuela. When they turned a corner,  a luminescent sphere was blocking their way. More annoyed than scared, Gonzales went out the car to check and investigate. At that point, a hatch opened from the sphere and out came 3 hairy, short humanoids. One of the humanoids jumped on Gonzalez. Gonzales was unable to shake the alien off because it was very strong. The alien was able to throw him 15 feet through the air. Unhurt, Gonzalez was able to draw a knife and tried to stab the humanoid but the knife did not penetrate. Although they were outnumbered by one alien, the beings were intimidated enough to go back to the ship and fly away. The men reported their story to the police.

Image credit: www.prufon-news.com
Image credit: www.prufon-news.com

6. The Abduction Of Antonio Villas-Boas

23 year old Brazilian farmer Antonio Vilas-Boas was working late on his farm in 1957. He noticed a red light in the night sky and the light started to move towards him. He noticed that the light was shaped like an oval with a spinning top. The UFO landed on the field and out came aliens dressed in helmets and overalls. They grabbed him when his tractor stopped working as he tried to run. Other aliens came out and carried him into their ship. The farmer was stripped of his clothes and was covered in a type of gel. Blood samples were taken and a female creature appeared and began to have sex with him. The farmer stated that after the intercourse, the female patted his stomach and pointed into the air as if telling him that she will have his baby in outer space. He tried to take something from the ship as proof, but was thrown out. Antonio later became a lawyer and still stands by his story.

7. UFO Sightings In The Canary Islands

On June 22, 1976 at 9:26 pm Navy personnel noticed and reported a strange light travelling along the horizon. The single light then split into 2 distinct objects. The residents of Las Rosas, Gran Canaria reported witnessing a translucent blue sphere hovering above the ground. The sphere had a diameter of 30 meters and contained 2 humanoid creatures. One of the residents stated that the sphere expanded to bigger dimensions before seeping out into the night sky.

8. McMinnville UFO Pictures

On May 11, 1950 in McMinnville, Oregon, Evelyn Trent saw a metallic disc-shaped object heading in her direction while walking back from feeding her livestock. She yelled and called for her husband Paul, who was in the house at that time. They were able to shoot 2 pictures of the strange object.

Image credit: www.freerepublic.com
Image credit: www.freerepublic.com

9. The Manises UFO Incident

A commercial flight with 109 passengers heading to Las Palmas had to make an emergency landing due to a UFO incident. The pilot, Francisco Javier Lerdo de Tejada noticed an object that was on a collision course with his plane, flight JK-297. He managed to change altitude to avoid a head-on collision, but the UFO followed 500 meters behind the plane. Tejada decided to make an emergency landing at the Manises airport and the object did not follow. The radar picked up the object and it was determined to have had a diameter of 200 meters.

10. O’Hare International Airport Sighting

November 7, 2006. Near the C-17 gate of O’hare airport, 12 employees reported witnessing a metallic saucer-shaped object hovering over the airport. There were also other witnesses claiming they saw the object and described it as a disc-shaped object hovering over the airport. These witnesses also stated that what they saw were not clouds. The object then shot up straight into the air with great speed and disappeared.


Although the existence of aliens has not been proven true, it’s very possible that humans aren’t the only living things in this huge universe.



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